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    Almost Ferocious

    Raid Start - 9:00pm - 12:00am PST
    Raid Days - Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday (3 days) with Monday as an optional catch up day,
    Faction - Alliance
    Server - Antonidas
    Guild size - 10 man raid - Never recruiting for wait list

    About us:
    Almost Ferocious formed a few months after Cata on the Antonidas server, and has since been seeing steady progress through 10 man raid content, and is looking for a few more dedicated raiders to push us further The raid team has an average age of approx. 30, which allows us to be a bit more relaxed than your average raid guild. Also, many of us have been raiding together through all of Wrath content as well, which gives us a close-knit and social team as well. Overall we offer a fairly unique and mature environment, all the while being focused on progression through content.

    What we expect from you:

    Consistency. Being a 10-man guild, we do not over-recruit and look to keep the raiding team around 13-14 players. That being said, we expect you to keep a high attendance. While we do not expect you to skip your family vacation to clear raid content, missing 1-2 days weekly hurts our team, and so if you cannot be consistent, this is not the environment for you.

    Intelligence. Given our relatively relaxed raiding schedule, we need to maximize our time in each zone on each night. Mistakes are how we as a group learn new content, but on day two, standing in the fire gets very old and interferes with our progress. We are looking for raiders that are proactive in learning strategies and take pride in their playing ability. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.

    Character. We are looking for players who have fun playing. While we are focused during kills, the majority of us play to relax after a long day. This includes the occasional “that’s what she said” joke, as well as a relatively social environment. If you cannot fit into a raiding scene like this, we probably are not the guild for you.

    How to apply:
    Go to and click the “apply to guild” button on the left hand side. Please follow instructions and answer the questions to the best of your ability. If we like your application, an on-vent interview will be conducted, in order to ask a few follow-up questions and any questions we had about your application.

    Any questions can be directed at Sherard, Elfbearpig, Lolsear, Daspia or OMOH on the Antonidas realm.

    Thanks for your consideration,
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    Achieving raiding success in World of Warcraft depends entirely on a tight-knit, elite, raiding guild that believes in quality over quantity. We believe in killing bosses pre-nerf, because the encounters are meant to be difficult, and difficult bosses are more fun. We feel that a tight group of highly-aware raiders can achieve the same progression in 12 hours of raid time that most other guilds achieve in 30 hours of raid time. Efficiency is important; coming prepared to raid and using time effectively means we can accomplish more. Keeping our roster streamlined is important to us (13-15 top performers) because we strive to keep an ideal raid composition that is flexible to the encounters we are attempting.

    We are looking for some hard-mode raiders to fill our ranks. We will consider any class/spec if we are shown that you have exceptional skill.

    Apply at: if you desire to conquer hard-mode content while being surrounded by a great group of people!
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    A general breakdown of a raider for Almost Ferocious.

    1. Friendly
    2. Adult
    3. Mature but silly
    4. Like to raid for the puzzle not the loot (ie: enjoy wipe nights)
    5. Hardcore mentality with a casual schedule
    6. Similar skill and research effort
    7. The desire to try new non-video-cookie-cutter strats
    8. Has preferably raided seriously in the past

    In order for us to succeed we have to establish common goals and define what success means for our guild.
    I think a definition of successful is in order before I continue. Success - Progressing through content while enjoying the journey.

    Our team needs a few things in common to be successful in the long run.
    1. Attendance
    2. Attitude
    3. Skill
    4. Goals
    5. Class/Spec

    Attendance: Without getting the same team together each night we spend an unnecessary amount of time teaching new people. No matter how good someone is, attendance is pretty clutch. You start knowing who’s gonna do what when and that’s hard to quantify its importance but it’s huge. 90% of the nights is a general standard.

    Atitude: Someone who wants to learn, doesn’t mind feedback, listens on vent, rarely goes afk, does his/her own research, comes prepared by watching videos, embraces wipe nights, enjoys challenges, doesn’t get personal with other’s faults. Someone that enjoys the journey, not just the loot.

    Skill: This is so big. Applying your prior gaming and personal experiences to better your level of play. Striving to do better in every raid.

    Goals: Another pretty obvious metric that is often overlooked. We have to make sure our entire team is on board with our goals. We have to all be on the same page or someone’s going to feel too pressured or under-challenged.

    Class/Spec: In my opinion just need a mention. We need people who want to be on the team regardless of class/spec they play. For the most part in our guild we already have that. People don't mind bringing class or spec we need and swapping for certain fights to give us a better chance at killing a boss.
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