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    Quote Originally Posted by 4KhazModan View Post
    Cairne, Taretha, and Aggra? What do they all have in common? Cairne and Taretha are both dead, could that mean that Aggra will be killed in 4.3 as well?
    Or they were all really important to him.

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    Was about a month ago Skatblast.

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    That Blood-elf autumnal art is just mega....

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    That Aggra thing is interesting, I look forward to seeing whether she is actually killed or not, would be an interesting twist.

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    Nah, Aggra will not die... if yes, there should be different quotes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmolive View Post
    Or they were all really important to him.
    I'm hoping for the later

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    well now to make a macro to destroy all my Ocean Sapphires and possibly Amberjewels also.

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    Meh, not the heirloom changes I hoped for...
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    I want to live in Blood Elf land. D:Give me a world made from that autumn picture!

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    I had to log out and log back in 5 times for how many things i had to delete or vendor before i could faction change a toon on the ptr last night

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmolive View Post
    Or they were all really important to him.
    Because those 3 are the only people who have been important to him?

    (just sayin my gobby saved his captured ass)

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatblast View Post
    So is it confirmed that epic gems wont be coming from pyrite?
    yes...a while ago check the GC blog post

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    Wait. No info on BlizzCon? What is this trickery!?

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    We're gonna fight side by side with Illidan? EPIC!!!

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    Love you Casey! Don't forget!

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    Why you make casey sad?
    Last edited by mistuhbull; 2011-10-10 at 05:20 PM.

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    The vendor prices on enchanting mats will be nice, 60s is more than hypnotic dust sells for on my server some days >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by lorens View Post
    Great, so from 4.3 on we might as well just destroy Amberjewels and other useless gems. Cba auctioning them for under 1 gold...
    That doesnt even make sense. You make 3.75 just by cutting them. No one is going to auction gems for 3.75 gold either, that is the bottom price after ah cut. Although if you want to send them to me for free Ill take them.

    It will be interesting if the posting fees go live. I would expect more uncut gems on the ah since you risk less if they dont sell as opposed to cut gems and it takes a lot less time. The prices of uncut gems will probably go down too due to more undercutting(less loss due to cancelling auctions). I could see it being more profitable to post uncut and offer cutting service in trade for a few min every day if your server has a lot of competition.

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    Awesome, now I'm gonna vendor all my enchanting mats...

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    It appears that you can no longer delete characters that have heirlooms in their bags or mail on the PTR: Solution is: 1. Unlearn all your talents with your trainer 2. sell and delete alle items on you and in your bag 3. Delete your character Problem solved! until blizzard can fix it

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