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    I need help learning to solo!

    Hi guys
    Why is priest so awful for soloing anything?
    Yesterday I had problems to solo Karazhan

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    Not one bit...

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    Q: But who are the forum QQers going to QQ at now?
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    You would think that after all these years people would have realized that the people at Blizzard aren't sorcerors and are hindered by technology just like the rest of us mortals.
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    I will never understand why so many people who quit can't just QUIT and move on, and instead feel the need to come tell everyone about it, as if they just won the $100 million jackpot.

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    I found kara easy to solo all except Chess, and that's not too bad. TK has given me some issues.

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    Well depends if you are in greens to... I've never been in there, well only soloed the mount boss. But shouldn't be any problems I think. But remember if you don't have dps enough you need to do some mechanics.

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