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    My opinion on this game after beta

    <Snipping for breaking NDA>
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    Can you give your opinion on any of the dungeons without breaking the NDA?

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    The one thing I get tired of hearing people complain about is "this game is exactly like WoW". Duh, they never advertised it otherwise. You can obviously tell they put loads of money and effort into the voice acting and story telling. That's what will set it apart and that's what Bioware does, and that's why I will enjoy this more than WoW, Blizzard can't tell a decent story anymore with WoW without throwing in characters like Harrison Jones. Also, from my recollection, Bioware has always said it will be a familiar gaming experience (why not copy WoW since it's by far the most familiar) with Bioware level story telling and polish. I find nothing wrong with the fact that I will able to jump in, play it like WoW, and enjoy a story that doesn't involve me having to go out and buy a book about the story written by a god awful writer, not gonna say any names, so that I can understand who the hell is this character, and what the hell are they doing here.

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    Not to be rude but how could you not know this before playing beta? The NDA doesn't hide the fact that SWTOR is a highly traditional MMO, which is something that WoW didn't create but just made better bringing in a mass of players who never experienced MMOs before. There have been convention videos and developer walkthroughs, showing things like questing and flashpoints, we have also seen things like the Eternity Vault (raids). We knew that the combat was going to be the traditional hot key based combat found in games like WoW and we especially knew about the trinity of dps, heals, tanks.

    Also better is subjective to be honest. I only really like WoW for the leveling and the high end non rated or arena pvp, anything in WoW that takes a constant group of players in a guild I find to be pointless, and not worth my time. In SWTOR however I think I might actually give their raiding content a spin.

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    Well, I thought WoW was enjoyable for what it was. As a fan of Star Wars (and having no knowledge of Warcraft), what you say actually makes me more interested. My excitement for this game continues to grow as I learn more. Sorry the game's not for you, OP. At least you learned sooner then later. I won't lock in and decide to love it, but I've not tried it yet. So we'll see. But it looks like it suits me just fine.

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    Since discussing the beta and anything related to it is either going to break NDA or not really yield anything discussion worthy, closing this.

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