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    Guild Recruitment Addon ?

    Whats a good guild recruitemeant addon for getting the lowbies and such in a lvl 25?

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    /macro > New Macro > /2 LF lowbies for lvl 25 guild whisper for inv > drag icon to number 1.
    Thats as close to an addon as you get.

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    There are auto spam and invite addons out there.. make a level 1 alt on illidan and you get spammed with them!.

    Keep looking, you'll find em.

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    They should be removed from the game tbh, all they do is annoy people logging into alts/lowbies. :/

    Made a new char yesterday and no one in my normal guild who could invite was online, I got an invite to a guild with a whisper every 2mins at most. -_-

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