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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTrueM4gg0t View Post
    first of all, attonement will not have a 100 yard range!
    it will have 15 yards, as it has now, but from measured from its hitbox, rather than from its center! this is not a buff, more a bugfix...
    sorry I just remember reading the datamined tooltip as well as the tooltip on the wowhead PTR, but after scrolling through MMO-Champion's front page, it is true that it now accounts for the target's hitbox, however, even the tooltip on the PTR shows 100 yds (but does not function as such) so idk why they changed the tooltip O.o
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    We generally consider 0 / 0 / 71 builds to be a failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FemaleGoblinMage View Post
    Is there any reason one would use Disc for raid healing?

    edit: I find it hard to justify even tank healing right now.
    Holy may seam to have more omph with their spells but if you add DA shields on top of Disc single target crits and PoH casts I wouldn't be surprised if they where even the only difference is that disc requires the target of the heal to be hit again to gain any hps from it where as holy gets it right away.

    The way I see both classes is:

    Holy: multi target healer / potent aoe healing / hots / quick cast aoe heals

    Disc: multi single target healer / potent single target heals / absorbs / quick cast single target heals

    That said disc is very viable in aoe healing situations due to the fact that PoH always adds DA shields which reduce the amount of healing required on the next aoe hit plus Disc has very powerful raid cooldowns, Barrier, PainS, PowerI.

    Having high hps is great as long as there is healing needed Disc prevents a lot of damage and reduces the amount of healing required to keep a raid up, as for which is better I guess that's down to the encounter.

    Edit: if you want to compare hps of Disc and holy go to world of logs and look at the rankings for healing for both Disc and holy and you will see both are even for most fights comparing the top hps for both normal and heroic / 10 and 25, Disc actually gains more hps on beth and domo due to closely timed aoe.
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    The most important thing a lot of people miss with the argument of Disc vs. Holy or Holy vs. Resto Druid is the fact that synergy is what makes the wheels go 'round in this game and it's almost always more beneficial to have some of everything than to stack classes for any reason. The only time this massive class stacking works is top world guilds trying to beat encounters with far less gear than they should be able to do it, etc., which, most of us are not in that situation (talking top 5 world).

    Holy Priests: Fantastic raid burst healers with an immense toolbox for triage healing
    Disc Priests: Amazing raid healers that save lives and others' mana via damage prevention, great tank healers and even support tank healers
    Resto Druids: Fantastic raid burst healing via hots to bring everyone up, great tank support healing via hots
    Resto Shamans: Great raid healers when somewhat stacked, best at healing melee due to them almost always being stacked, great support tank healing via ancestral fort and earth shield
    Holy Paladins: Fantastic tank healers that provide raid healing support via holy radiance

    Why would you ever want to disclude one of those classes from your raid comp? Everyone brings something different to the table, albeit small with all of the homogenization going on, but it's still there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikayo View Post
    <3 Mazi 10char

    <3 - Cephius says you're just some guy trying to get my attention, is this true?!?!
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    You can't compare those speccs in terms like "HPS". They differ greatly in the way they work. Raidheal as Disc on Ragnaros is awful, because your aegis won't last till the next trap.
    But raidheal on Domo is awesome during a scorpionphase. If you judge things just in matters of HPS, Disc will let your raid survive far better than holy would, even if your HPS would be equal. Why? Because Aegis adds a shield to your raid, this shield functions as a part of the peoples healthpool. If Domo cleaves and a single player has a healthpool of 140k and the cleave would damage him for 145k, your raid would be dead if it is solely healed with druids and/or holy priests. Aegis could allow your raid to take this one more cleave and survive, whilst holy HPS won't do anything because you're limited by the peoples healthpool.

    That's the reason you can't compare barrier with tranq, and that's more or less the same thing mechanicwise which gets introduced for restoshaman @4.3.

    You need pure HPS, but you need a mixture of toolsets too. So comparing healclasses looking at HPS alone won't get you anywhere.

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