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    Must mine moar

    I thoroughly enjoy minecraft its fun and a good way to spend some free time but with the release of patch whatever 1.8? it leaves me with a question.

    Do the XP orbs you get actually get you levels or acheive anything or are they a precursor to some sort of system like that?

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    They dont do anything, as of yet. (afaik)

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    As far as i know it doesn't actually do anything in 1.8, in the 1.9 pre release i hear there are actually levels given but i don't know if they have implemented effects for attaining a higher level.

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    In 1.8, they don't do anything, except from filling your XP bar up.

    In 1.9 prerelease 3, they do grant levels, but nothing happens when you level up.
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    Well yes, you gain levels in pre realease 3. And with those levels you can buy enchantements to your equipment. But for that you need an enchanting table.

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    You use the XP levels to enchant armor and weapons. (Also fishing poles...)
    But for now the enchants do nothing.

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