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    Tanking Riplimb hc

    Hey there every one. So atm my guild wants us to start doing som FL hc. Just so people know, we are a very casual guild, so no hardcore or anything.

    My question is:
    How do you tank Riplimb on hc, and how do you drop stacks of him?

    thank you for reading

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    tank him just like you normally would, away from the shannox tank, and when the spear is thrown, you run the fuck away, and keep running till his stacks drop,

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    Yeah, running as fast as possible is your goal, any slows you can get on Riplimb as soon as it has the spear are useful too.

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    Isnt there something about that the dogs need to within a certian range of the boss? (i know that might be a noob question)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gafannzo View Post
    Isnt there something about that the dogs need to within a certian range of the boss? (i know that might be a noob question)
    no your right its probably around 100 yards, if the dog goes too far from shannox your raid will be swiftly killed.

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    The new heroic only buff that the dogs get you don't really need to worry about, just dropping your stack with ensure that his new buff is gone also.

    What class are you? Warriors are OP at this due to their mobility, but any class can do it still. I (the Riplimb tank) keep the dog around 80 yards from the boss, then when the spear is thrown kite the dog away from the spear (like you should be doing anyway), slow the dog as he walks back to the spear and then again when he's walking to Shannox (again, like normal). The only major difference is that we have the Shannox tank then kite Shannox away from Riplimb also when the dog is returning the spear, maybe 20 yards or so, not incredibly far, just enough to buy some time for the debuff to fall off. Once the spear is returned we all shift back into normal position and resume fight.

    For the most part it's very tight on the debuff timers, but with a little finesse it's pretty easy still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gafannzo View Post
    Isnt there something about that the dogs need to within a certian range of the boss? (i know that might be a noob question)
    Yes, and afaik it's 100 yards. I dance around 80 (sometimes 90 yards) away from Shannox, so I'm fairly certain it's 100. I've never had positive confirmation on that though.
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    What class are you for starters?

    Couple of general points,

    - You should run the fuck away when the red spear landing zone appears and put the slow on when he goes and retrieves
    - You can only slow Riplimp when hes on his way to pick up the spear or he already has it.
    - The maximum amount you can slow is 50%
    - This 50% slow gradually deteriorates untill hes back to full speed.
    - Your Shannox tank needs to kite shannox aruond like a baws until his/your stacks have gone

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    Ok, thanks for all the good answers

    I play a DK tank

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    When you see the spear is about to be thrown, leg it towards shannox, slow riplimb on his way back to the spear, let the Shannox tank do some kiting to get his stacks off, and when riplimb returns your stacks should be off. If not run around for abit like a headless chicken, just obey the 100 yard rule

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    That mod is excellent for knowing your range from Shannox. Just set it to display your range from your focus, then set either Shannox or the Shannox Tank as your focus. It caps out at 80 yards, but as soon as it's maxed you know you are 80+ and should not go to much further out.
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    To be honest tanking Riplimp is SUPER easy, you could pretty much go afk between tanking the dog.

    The biggest test is resetting rageface stacks and making sure your Shan tank can kite.

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    Keep shannox and riplimb around 80 yards apart (100+yards = seperation anxiety buff increasing their attack speed and damage and very very quickly getting your MT dead). As soon as you see the red marker on the ground which shows the spear is about to be thrown, run the hell away - i usually run AT shannox, so no seperation anxiety, plus, get a bit of dps time on shannox. When running away, make sure you use your speed increases. Warriors are king here, but all 3 other classes have options. DK's i believe have a glyph to increase their speed whilst bone shield is up, paladins have a speed increasing ability, and bears have charge/catform dash/roar. You ca even get priests to grip you if you feel it's needd, althoguh, i'd tend to save these for whoever's kiting the other dog.

    As riplimb is running toward shannox after he's picked up the spear, get the MT to kite shannox around a bit, as sometimes riplimb will just stick to following shannox without actually handing him the spear - but remember, as awesome as this looks, don;t get him to do it indefinately, as shannox will end up throwing the spear again even if it's not turned in, and this will no doubt be in the middle of the raid. As soon as both tanks stacks have dropped, get the MT to stop kiting.

    If after all this you are still having issues with dropping stacks, try to make use of crystal prison traps (try not to use these early in the fight when there are few about, these are definately have alot more use in trapping rageface)

    If you are a warrior, don't be supprised that you do very little damage to riplimb, infact, don;t be supprised if you do more damage to shannox

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    Riplimb is very easy to do, even on heroic mode. So here is what you do:

    - Get Riplimb 95 yards away from Shannox. KEEP THESE TWO LOCATIONS MARKED!!
    - When the spear drops, have a priest LG you towards Shannox, and have the Shannox tank kite Shannox until stacks drop off. Or you can run. But do something to move towards Shannox quickly
    - Let dog and master re-unite
    - Return to start locations
    - Rinse and repeat!

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    For DK's on riplimb: do you guys use glyph of bone shield just for this fight or is it not worth it?
    I'm having some difficulties getting the stacks off - sometimes it goes fine, the other moment i'm running around with 8 stacks.. - and was thinking about using the speed buff to kite riplimb further away when the spear is thrown (i'm already using lavawalker so no sure if it stacks).

    Maybe getting gripped from a priest is also a possibility?

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    The big thing is getting away from Riplimb fast and not letting him apply another stack of his rend before running back to the spear.

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    I actually suggest using the solo tank strategy.

    It includes:
    • Killing either Baleroc or Alysrazor
    • Tanking Shannox in either Baleroc or Alysrazor's room.
    • As soon as the first spear goes out, the tank will start kiting Shannox around the outer edge of whichever room you decide to tank in.
    • Tank continues to move in a circle, never stopping, the entire time.
    • The spear should never return to Shannox, thus allowing the tank to tank the entire encounter without getting Jagged Tear.
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    if ur haveing prblems dropping ur stack steal a priest for leap of faith it will help a lot

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    As others have said resetting Rageface's stacks is usually slightly more problematic than Riplimb.
    One of the ways to reset Riplimps stacks is to have the Shannox tank strafe away in a circle(don't have him turn his back on the boss or your healers will hate you) from Riplimb till his stacks reset. The dog will run after the dog while kiting which allows both tanks to drop their stacks.
    The disadvantage of that method is that kiting the boss might need some practice.

    An alternative method is to tank Riplimp next to a crystal prison trap. As soon as Shannox throws his spear Riplimb gets trapped by the offtank. The additional time he spents in the prison trap should allow both tanks to reset their stacks. The disadvantage of the last method is that it needs crystal prison traps which are also required for Rageface. If you do this you'll have to make some kind of rotation, e.g. first trap for rageface , 2nd for riplimb and so on.

    In addition to that you should try and slow Riplimb when he's trying to return the spear to Shannox. Riplimb gets immune to slows after the first one, so anything that automatically applies a snare is not useful. Deathknight's CoI and hunter's concussion shot is usually used in the pugs i attend, i assume there are many more abilities that work.

    You can of course combine all of those methods, but to be honest it's a bit overkill.

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    What my guild does/did is that I tank him as I do on normal (Shannox is near the crossroads where the path meets, I tank Riplimb approximately 80y away on a hill near where all the Molten Surgers lurk). When I see the spear marker, I strafe run towards the rest of the group, BUT I have to try and trap Riplimb while on normal I just run as close to Shannox as I can; on Heroic the debuff lasts too long to drop off without trapping Rip or kiting Shannox, even if Rip gets slowed. It's fairly annoying, honestly. We have tried the "Kite Shannox" strategy but it's unreliable - sometimes Rip will give him the spear immediately, sometimes after two or three tries, and sometimes he never seems to do it, so we don't like to rely on "Maybe it will work". To be honest I think they screwed up the mechanics - the main difference should have been that you can't kill the dogs and that Rageface has to be trapped, NOT Riplimb; you should have been able to do the normal "Run close to Shannox so Rip has longer to go and your stacks drop" strategy on Heroic as well, but as it stands you cannot as it will NOT reset in time. In other words the fight should have been a DPS test, as it stands it's a DPS and Tank test.
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    same as normal

    spear gets thrown, run away (leap, lifegrip etc helps), someone slows him as he collects the spear and returns it. shannox tank can do a little kite thing where he backpeddles and riplimb has trouble handing over the spear, which buys an extra several seconds if needed.

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