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    Raid frames positioning and group and focus

    What's the best place to put raid frames?

    Also, do you use a group?

    And, do you have a way to 'focus' 2 people?

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    Heal: lower center
    Dps/Tank: in some free corner

    Nope, no need for groups if i see the whole raid

    Afaik two focuses are not possible, maybe with an addon

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    Lower centre, with Current target and focus target frames (usually tanks) above grid as a way of focusing 2 targets.
    Almost all my heals are mouseover macros that default back to current target when no mouseover is found, and target focus (with priority) with a modifier.

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    ElvUI is good for this - has two modes;
    /DPS - puts the frames to the left hand side
    /heal - puts em in the lower middle (and auto adjusts from group up to full 40 man TB raids)

    Add in clique and DBM and you're ready to roll

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