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    Quote Originally Posted by Paigeyotto View Post
    It probably won't even sell for a lot of gold either. There's going to be so many that it's going to cause the prices to be low since they're not rare/hard to obtain.
    This ^.

    There will be so many of the damn things on the AH from people who are trying to make some quick gold, that they won't be worth shit. $10 of real world money for maybe 1,000 in-game gold? Um, no thank you. Worst idea ever. Blizzard is the ONLY winner in this situation, not the players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowdream View Post
    I wonder how that relates to this piece of news at all.
    The post I quoted didn't really relate to the news, but to gold selling.

    Both are illegal (in most countries anyway), and both are impossible to stop.
    "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    I can see them adding gear soon, but with no stats, purely aesthetic. Possibly BoE. What's the harm in this? Now we have a gold sink, and peoe aren't going to be scammed by *this* pet. Hopefully it'll never happen again if they continue making eveverything tradeable.

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    Oho seems like they're gradually preparing the switch to free to play?
    Or they want to combine the "best" of both worlds : subscription AND f2p-like cash shop?

    Anyway, I thought of coming back with the next xpack.
    It probably won't happen now.

    Amazing how a developper can have its reputation go from stellar to rubbish in such a short time.
    Thanks again activision

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    This is an online forum. People need to exaggerate about everything and jump in the bandwagon without using the those brains of theirs.

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    still waiting on our Diablo-esque auction house where we can buy items for real money. >.> it's clearly inevitable at this point.

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    lets see... i have 100euro and can buy 10pets. Each pet sells for 20k. 100euro=200.000Gold Ok, buying 'gold' is now allowed.

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    Cannot wait to see what ppl charge for the pet, i see gold sellers selling for 10k gold only 9 euro so i will not pay for than 8-9k for the pet

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    I wish they'd sell this for 7$, and have another version available for 15 gold, which would be sent to all your characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dotSeed View Post
    Isn't $10 a little excessive for a single use pet? The others apply to all characters, include future ones, right?
    couldn't agree more. it's a terrible deal for a one time use pet if you aren't ac tually going to use them for gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowe View Post
    lets see... i have 100euro and can buy 10pets. Each pet sells for 20k. 100euro=200.000Gold Ok, buying 'gold' is now allowed.
    100 other people on your server has the same "bright" idea .... Pet sells for 1k or less.
    "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    The one thing I noticed with many of the comments here concerning the Blizzard pets mostly fit into one category, begrudging others what and how others spend their own money. Simply concept is to just stop counting other people money. No one has any business in how others use their money. If we all think about it we all are spending real life money and time playing a imaginary game.

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    But I like my pets account bound

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    It's brilliant of Blizzard, since it seems like more and more people are willing to use rl money on ingame gold .. Obviously they might just as well earn them self something of this. Well played Blizz.

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    You know, I normally defend Blizzard, but how is this any different than condoning gold selling/buying? Instead of doing it directly (i.e. you pay me 20k for $10), there's a pet in the middle (you pay me 20k for a $10 pet).

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    But I like my pets account bound :/

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    You guys who are screaming that this is the end of WoW are probably the same people who buy gold from outside sources that sometimes use compromised accounts. There has also been a rise in gold sellers trading game time for gold.What you dont realise is that Blizzard not so long ago started to set watches on accounts that held a lot of gold for suspicious activities as they were normally gold seller accounts hoarding (which has led to less compromised accounts but still hacking and trading game time for gold). Blizzard as a business loses out to this, but also encourages people to find quicker and more efficient methods of gaining gold to sell.

    I would say that a lot of you on here are screaming martyrs, I know plenty of people who have bought gold, I wont say for sure that I havent and I know plenty of top end guilds that buy in lots for new patches to buy the latest BoEs at huge prices. Blizzard cannot beat gold sellers with their current model, its a simple fact.This is an efficient and non-gamebreaking way of allowing people to buy gold out of game for people that maybe dont have the time to farm it. Dont bother saying its easy to aquire gold in game, we all on this forum know that (speaking for the majority) but we are the minority of WoW players, many only play 2 hours a week and dont have the time to invest their downtime in reasing complex gold guides.

    This will protect accounts, peoples credit cards and Blizzards integrity. They are not about to sell epix so please calm down.If you need an excuse to quit WoW, you may as well just quit because this will only have positive effects, I for one will be buying it from the AH not out of game.
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    This is just a step too far. It's bad enough that the rich are rewarded simply for having money in real life without this mentality earning them an advantage online as well.

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    Selling gold "legally". Called it.Anyway it won't be worthwhile, but hey.

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    making useless companion pets when they should be concerntrating fixing there game shows again blizz want more $$$ fro mstupid worthless crap off there store, gj blizz way to get ur prioritys in order

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