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    Oh dear blizz, you may have owned yourself big time here

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    Between changes to WoW, and Diablo 3's "real money" auction house, I'm curious to see which of these 'experiments' are popular/successful enough to make it into Titan.And I agree with Shawaam that the 'adorable' face on the pet makes it a "not interested" vote for me.

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    WOwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Gold selling is now legal.

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    Blizzard is now selling gold.........

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    btw, inb4 thread with 1000 pages + revert of this companion

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    So it's the same price as other pets where I basically get that pet on every character I make on that account in the future, but this one is $10 and I get it for one character?Screw that.

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    you can trade it and sell it at the auction house!
    Zomg :/ Gold selling..

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    not to mention gold selling those days give u around 50k gold for those 10 dollar or so maybe less donno but still seem rather stupid

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    Disgusting. Shows again how desperate Blizzard is to milk the game for everything they can before people move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolly View Post
    Looks like that to me. I wonder what the gold cost will settle out at.
    My guess is that the market is going to be absolutely flooded with this in the beginning, especially by current gold selling sites. Think about out: drive sale price down with market saturation by selling a $10 pet for 5k gold. Resell that 5k gold for $30 (without a coupon or working with a rep) to someone who doesn't know about the pet, doesn't want to deal with fighting hundreds of listings, etc.
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    Don't like this.
    I thought Blizzard said that the Blizzard store would only be for cosmetic, essentially this gives people an in-game advantage gold wise (Not that it's hard to get)

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    10 bucks for a one shot pet. Screw that. It was bad enough that the card game only gave you one item considering how rare those cards were, we weren't looking for another way to pay a lot for a one shot pet.At least with the other pets 10 dollars would buy all your characters that pet forever. =/ What a rip off.

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    I do not approve fight real life trading with real life trading. This cub will be a new currency.

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    Ok I'm sorry but if you're not going to make the pet available to all characters upon purchase, then lower the price on the thing. $10 for a pet you get on only one character? That's fucking stupid. Blizzard is digging themselves deeper and deeper.

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    gold selling now legal fuck

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaSphyxsis View Post
    Oh dear blizz, you may have owned yourself big time here
    Care to explain how they owned themselves? I have a hard time seeing how this hurts Blizzard in any way.

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    Could already do this with TCG stuff, but now it's even more blatant. No chance getting the card or buying it for $600 online, just straight out $10 item ready to turn into gold.

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    I personally welcome this It's about time they did more to directly "Fight fire with Fire" - if it helps stop some real life scams and credit card fraud, along with account thefts, it can only be a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    WOwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Gold selling is now legal.
    It was never illegal. It's still against the terms of service. Just because blizzard is providing an avenue where they can sell something to you the customer that can then be resold for ingame gold does not grant a license for third party sites to sell gold.

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