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    Question about a well geared warrior

    Hi guys,

    I usually check this guy his armory page for pointers, he's one of the best geared fury warriors on our realm.

    But how does he get 26/26 expertise? Am I missing something really obvious or what? He didn't reforge anything to expertise and he isn't wearing HoR..
    I don't see it.


    Thanks for taking a look

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    the pants alone have like 300 expertise

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    ring 171, thrown 49, leg 316, belt 153, back 115 = 804

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    Pretty much what they said. The cloak allows for other reforging options rather trying to meet the cap.

    Though he has 804 rating whereas I prefer to be as close to 781 (26) as possible in my gear setup. Which is why I opt'd to go the Heroic Al'Akirs cloak as the cloak is a increase overall either way and then just reforge the bracers to Exp.

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    The legs in particular are a massive Expertise-boost for warriors. Certainly key to being abled to swap out of HC HoR for HC AoK in BiS gear.

    Then again, if you're picky about it, he should be abled to get closer to 781 if he tries. (Edit: Sinnermighty beat me to it. :P)

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