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    How to deal with Traps on Ragnaros HC

    My guild downed Alys last night, so finally time for Raggy HC (10 man). I have watched the guide by Fatboss a gazzillion times, but unless I zone out mid video or something, it says "We will get to the traps in a minute", then never does. How do you deal with the traps left over from P1 during P2 without dying from the extra damage?

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    Same way you would in P1: wait until people are topped off, and you don't have the debuff, then pop it.

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    depends on how you are handling seeds to be honest. If you are all running as a group and able to aoe them down just fine before they get to you there shouldnt be much damage to the raid outside of the explosion. Wait till world in flames ends then use a raid CD and trigger the trap. If you are stacking and aoeing the adds down you really need the raid CDs for when the seeds get to you so waiting until p3 starts to hit the last one would be best. Assuming that there is only one left over for you.

    If you have a hunter have him do the pops in p2/p3 with deterrence up so he takes no damage and the rest of the raid should be stacked up for the raid CD.

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    cool, so just gotta work it into everything else going on. Guess we can work with that =)

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    You can easily take 2 traps per debuff in phase 1. We only have one trap left over and we do it at the start of the first transition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyghtfall View Post
    You can easily take 2 traps per debuff in phase 1. We only have one trap left over and we do it at the start of the first transition.
    This is how we've been handling it also. Pop the first 2 as soon as everyone has 90%+ health and no knock back is going to happen soon. Wait for the Debuff to fall off and pop another one. If DPS is good you should be able to push into transition around the 4th one spawning and will only have 1 up going into the transition. You can then pop it whenever you feel comfortable.

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    P1 we just did traps as normal, meaning once the debuff is gone pop one. For P2 what we did is pop the traps inbetween seeds. So you would have your first set of seeds, get those adds down, stack back up and pop a trap. Usually you will have about 5~ seconds to get stacked on the group for the next seeds. Generally we have two traps up, so we just do the same thing after the second set of seeds and we are good to go.
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    We only have 1 trap leftover after p1 without taking double traps.
    We then pop the last trap right before p4 starts where nothing is going on.
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    More often than not we get a 2nd trap just before we push the first transition. We pop the first trap after the 1st set of seeds and world in flames, then pop the 2nd one after the 2nd set of seeds/world in flames before we go into the 2nd transition.

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