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    Cloaks are bind with chests pieces, so certain chest pieces get cloaks and some doesn't. Same with Hoods.
    It is still possible to make them hidable. From technical point of view.

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    I also remember them discussing that you'd be able to keep a specific style of chest piece or other item a long time through some process of transferring "stats" to it. I figure this would be like WoW's sockets where you'd just bust a hump to keep loading your new item's stats into the old one or something. Though they haven't discussed that for a while, so I'm unclear if that will be ready at launch. Though it would make sure that if you liked X chest piece without a cloak you could keep it for a long time.
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    from what ive read you can hide helm put up hood lower hood or any combination of the three

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    You guys should see Khem Val with a cloak. STUPIDIEST thing ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dezerte View Post
    Off-topic; ME2 did not have this feature, for some odd reason (ME1, DA1 & DA2 has it).
    You're right, it had the option of not having a helmet at all in O2 environments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearnecesity View Post
    from what ive read you can hide helm put up hood lower hood or any combination of the three
    Officially, they have revealed that helmets can be hidden. DE said it at E3 I think.

    For the hood thing, I believe they said it would be neat, but technically challenging. I don't think that's making it in game at this time.

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