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    Priests are the one class that I love playing the most too, shadow especially. Even though we have our underpowered moments and we're squishier than a pin cushion when focused, I will always enjoy nuking people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima View Post
    I prefer PvE healing on my Paladin > : (
    The blasphemy! :<

    (I'll admit to one charge of loving healing on my pala too but never more than on my goblin)
    Thanks to Shiri for the awesome sig <3

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    Yeah I love playing my priest as well. You should really try PVPing. Mana burn is truly a game changing ability. A good disc or shadow priest can almost single-handedly turn the tide for your team.

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    I love my priest, but i adore my paladin, she is just that cute and awesome.

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    That's good that you've found something you enjoy. Meanwhile I've played Priest from Vanilla as my main and around 4.1 I just wasn't having much fun anymore and now play Prot Pally, Enh Shaman, and Arcane Mage, have a lot more fun. Though I'm enjoying my Resto Druid quite a bit too.

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