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    I usually would only play dps classes but because of how interesting and well made all the classes are and with traits and all the build possibilities I will likely play most if not all of the classes.

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    I've always drifted towards the heavy armor support classes (paladin archetype) so I'm probably going to roll a Guardian first. However that being said, I'm seriously debating rolling an Elementalist instead, been wanting to play casters a bit more but I'm generally bad at being squishy after so many years of being beefy -_-

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    Shaman for four years, alted a shadow priest. Plan to tackle an engineer first. Why? Because a norn with a flamethrower just spells death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent TunaGhost View Post
    Because a norn with a flamethrower just spells death.
    An Asura with a flamethrower means you ain't having kids

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    I don't have a usual type of class.

    In WoW, my first toon and my main for a couple of years was my warlock. Since then, I've made a warrior, DK, enhancement shaman, shadow priest, and currently leveling a pally(leveled him to 60 as ret, but once I got to Outland I went prot which is where he is now). I guess you could say I lean towards melee characters in WoW(4 melee vs 2 caster), yet my first toon was my lock, he's still one of my mains, and he's also my achievement toon.

    But main in GW1 was a ranger, with my necromancer and paragon as my second favorites, though I ended up making one of every class. I was not overly fond of dervishes at all, nor did I care for assassins outside of PvP, so if you look at my GW1 toons, I seem to favor ranged.

    Then, in Diablo 2, my favorite classes were paladins(melee), sorcs(ranged), wind druids(a caster that basically fights near melee range), and bone necros(ranged).

    So really, it depends on my mood more than anything. In GW2, I do want a warrior and thief, so it look like I'll be favoring melee to start, though I do really like the looks of the necromancer too...

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    Been playing bear tank in WoW since start of WotlK. I'm going Necro with a Thief alt in GW2. Sylvari and Asura respectively.

    Can't wait ^-^

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    When I first played WoW, I tried every class and race for a few levels just to see what seemed fun. I remember loving the ambience of Coldridge Valley, and grinning ear-to-ear as my wee little gnome mage wound up and unleashed his first fireball. Burn! BURN!!!!! Ahhahahahahahahahaha!

    Then the friends who got me interested in the game were like "dude, we're all Horde," so I re-rolled. Horde mages just didn't feel right, and I ended up playing a Druid (PvE, mostly healing), a Death Knight (how could I not?) and when I finally learned to kite properly, a Hunter (PvP).

    Continuing into Guild Wars 2, the Ranger is on my short list, but I somehow feel it won't be as good as WoW's hunter. (Not really sure why, it just doesn't really excite me.) On the other hand, I'm liking the Elementalist way, way better than WoW's mage -- and it's even a good healer to boot. The Ele will probably be my first pick.

    So, not so much branching out as returning to an archetype I haven't played in years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mif View Post
    An Asura with a flamethrower means you ain't having kids
    I can't disagree with

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    Played Mage in WoW
    Played Assassin in Aion
    Played Warrior in RIFT beta
    WIll play Elementalist in Guild Wars 2 with a Guardian as alt.

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    Elementalist, the sig shows the trend. i will have a Necro and 8th profession too as i tend to have 2 caster mains for a little diversity.

    i want to play a Thief as they look like crazy fun as do the rest of the professions, so for the first time, i might actually have alot of alts. damn you ANet for making me want to play all of your professions! /fist
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    I quit WoW 8 months ago, but I played a Paladin for years and my main in Guild Wars has always been a Warrior. My main in Guild Wars 2 will be a Guardian with an alt Warrior. If the last class is revealed as being a Mesmer, then I will probably have one of those for a 2nd alt at some point.

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    I will probably go my usual of being a ranged magic user, though I am not sure what it would be. I might go with the hybrid/spellsword approach that you can take with Guardians because I love the theme and the fires of justice. Looking at that last profession that has yet to be named has me wondering what options it holds...

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    I usually play stealth/archer.

    But the Warrior looks like a lot of fun. Prolly gonna roll Charr- I like to get a bit of lore behind my characters even though Im not a RPr.

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    I always play ninja/rogue/stealth kind of classes, but I didn't like the way rogue played in WoW (was my main throughout TBC). However, I love everything I have seen so far from the thief so that will be my main. My main alt will be a warrior (Charr) for when, instead of being stealthy, I just want a bulky heavy armor class, charging and running around in open sight and do insane damage without worrying to much.
    I will be 'branching out' and try the mesmer in GW2, I normally never roll a caster class (except one priest) but the mesmer is a type of caster that I might like.

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    I'll be sort of branching out. In multi-player games I tend to be backline support (like Medic, Priest, Cleric), but in Guild Wars 2 it looks like I'll be much more in the melee as a Guardian, but I'll still be supporting my allies.
    My alt will be either a Elementalist or Warrior, since they seem pretty fun and flexible.
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    Always chose a Warrior like class first. My main is a DK in WoW while having a Hunter a Paladin and a Warrior. Always liked the big/plated classes and will roll Warrior as my main.

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    My favourite class is usually the warrior, so I'll stick with that. However I did love my WoW druid so I'll be playing as a Norn to satisfy my shapeshifting desires!

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    Ive usually played the caster, more precisely the necromancer/warlock archtype. Played a lock in wow for 6 years as my main, but also played the rogue alot.
    Ive yet to fully decide on my profession in GW2. I bet I wont be able to decide before the day Im creating him/her For me, I have certain professions that I only want to play as certain races. So I really need to figure out which race I want to play.

    It goes something like this(in no particular order) :
    Human Thief
    Charr Warrior
    Asura/charr Necromancer

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    I'll play a Guardian.
    I always loved tanking classes and Guardian is a nice fit to me.
    Defensive attacks, party boosts, etc, seems like something I'll like to play so yes, I can say I'll stick with the same type of class.

    Thief also got my attention

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    I'll actually do both. My main throughout Wrath was a DK, and in GW2 I'll go with a necro was my first. Different type of class, different class entirely, but still the same theme, the same feeling.

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