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    Bartender profiles wiped out?

    Hello, was doing 5v5 and suddenly we all got stuck in loading screen. I pressed cross and started a new wow. After that all Bartender4 profiles were gone and the ones that was still there were not as they used to. Please what do I do! I had profiles for each and every character and now i dont have any. It will take a while to re do them

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    It can happen once in a blue moon when wow crashes or you have to unexpectedly quit the game that some of your saved variables files may be lost or corrupted if they were in the middle of being written.

    Try and keep backups of your files saved like once a week just in case.

    You may have a slight chance to recover them if you go into your World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\ACCNAME\SavedVariables folder and find Bartender4.lua.bak and change it to Bartender4.lua but no guarantee.

    Gershuun @ Borean Tundra US - Interface & Macros Moderator

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    When i go in there i find some of my friends account names, my old account name and then some "account names" consisting only of numbers.

    Now i found bartender4.lua.bak but next to it there is bartender4.lua

    Lawomous what do i do now? Delete the bak file?
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    No, apparently the Bartender4.lua file is blank since your files are wiped, and the .lua.bak is a backup, so try renaming Bartender4.lua.bak to Bartender4.lua

    Gershuun @ Borean Tundra US - Interface & Macros Moderator

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