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    Hiding in your computer.
    its not, go lvl to 50 , go do raids ( or pvp ) you NEED to gear up before you can do shit , we keep nerving your fav class and keep boosting a op class,
    in EACH class there is a story , and you got to experience that story, its alot better pvp then wow, since each faction got different classes, its really a battle not a pala vs a pala and then boom bubble or stuff like that , or rogue vs rogue wich takes hours

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    I was under the impression that it was more or less mirrored classes, just with different names? Jedi guardian = Sith Juggernaut etc. Maybe I'm just misinformed <.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangomah View Post
    Mythic managed to make the abomination that is Warhammer pvp so I dont have high hopes I'm afraid :P
    But warhammers PvP is one of the best i have ever played, actually, it is by far my favourite, for everything else that was bad with that game the PvP was not one of those things.

    when i heard Mythic was handling Sw:tors PvP it made me pitch a half tent in my pants.

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    Lightsabers. The Force. Twi'lek women. What's not to get excited about?!

    In all seriousness, PvP is SWTOR will be something to brag about, at least initially. Bioware has designed combat to feel heroic like the movies...this includes PvP. Think of your favorite battle scene from the movies and you live that playing the game. It's just epic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangomah View Post
    I was under the impression that it was more or less mirrored classes, just with different names? Jedi guardian = Sith Juggernaut etc. Maybe I'm just misinformed <.<
    No you're right, those classes do mirror each other in what they can basically do, I think the only major difference is the name of the class (Sith Assassin = Jedi Shadow) and the abilities are named different, I think that's about it.

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    It's not WoW in space. I don't think that's a valid comparison at all.

    It's more like a multiplayer KOTOR.
    ^ The above should be taken with two grains of salt and a fistful of "chill the F* out".

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    If your main reason for gaming, then why go with GW2? It has only 1 form of Open world PvP, in a large PvP lake. After that It's all about Queueing for Arenas.
    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    I think that I have read somewhere that a developer have admited it that it has taken a lot of things from wow because they think it a very successful game but they hope to make the difference with storytelling, voice - acting and of course star wars theme to beat wow...

    btw I cannot say I am excited but I for sure I will try it..maybe is good to not be excited cause you may be dishearten even if the game is ok but not perfect..

    I don't like star wars theme, generally I am not fan of space/sci fi but I am a very big fan of Bioware..this company really know to do RPG games and I am sure that if nothing else, I will enjoy the story of my character and the choices I will have to make during level up. Although after level 1-2 chars I don't think I will continue play , I ll move to gw2 or back to wow cause my friends are there..
    The trick of selling a FFA-PvP MMO is creating the illusion among gankers that they are respectable fighters while protecting them from respectable fights, as their less skilled half would be massacred and quit instead of “HTFU” as they claim.

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    WoW in space would be Raynor crash landing into Azeroth

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    Its been well documented that you only spend a small portion of your time in space, small is too big a word as to how much time you spend, over the course of the playthrough its an insignificant amount of time. So this "WoW in Space" is just a joke. The guy who brought it up in this thread said it as a joke because he knew it was a joke. Whether it would be good or bad to have a WoW in Space game isnt in question here because swtor is not wow in space.

    Space combat as we know already is a minigame and the galaxy map as we know already is a map you use while in your ship to take you to another planet.

    It's a story telling Sci Fi MMO based on a big franchise.

    As to my opinion on why you should be excited about it? I cant give you it sorry

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