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    Quote Originally Posted by Grugmuc View Post
    I could even compare that thread to the Occupy Wallstreet (the whole thing is a sad example). They're declaring that EVERYONE should have EQUAL PAY whether they WORK OR NOT.
    That is NOT the goal of Occupy Wallstreet. That's just as ignorant and uniformed as the dribble in the thread the OP linked.
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    I have a very good reason to "bash" SW:TOR!
    In my, very personal, opinion the expanded Star Wars Universe before A New Hope is stupid! Lucas ruined the great! (Well, not really surprising).
    A side from that the game looks fantastic. Even if I can see some of the more "gogogogogogogo" population of some MMOs to have problems when you after a boss, before loot have to get through a five step fully voiced conversation.
    Still, how people often act on internet forums is sad.

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    Just want to inject some awesome into something that could go sour. Just remember they are games and made to be fun to certain audiences. Not for you? Fine. Just move on.

    This one is *slightly* NSFW just for the vocabulary, nothing terrible, but you know how work places are.

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