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    It would be pretty cool actually to me if since they now have openly shown everyone the established three timelines of the series that they continue to give each one its own style or theme. Defeated timeline sticks to the more "classic" fantasy that the series is known for, Child timeline continues to be the more "dark and edgy" styled like TP and MM and the Adult timeline slowly begins to morph into a steampunkish/more varied world with some foreign style lands to it.

    Also I know this is probably blasphemous to say, but as much as I love the Links I think it would be cool to see a new character as the lead for at least one game, and I don't mean Zelda, someone new that keeps a lot/some of the trademark qualities of the main character, dare I even say a possibility of having a female descendent of Link as the main character for once? Or at very least since they seem to be interested in trying some stuff with multiple players again in a main series game we could maybe have two siblings as the next generation of Link-typish characters to play as (though a bit more varied then the copies from the Four Sword games).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duruka View Post
    My Hyrule Historia came today. Still have over 200 pages to read, but I'm enjoying it so far.
    Makes me want to play some Zelda. I've never finished the Ocarina Master Quest...
    Mine hasn't shipped....Oh well worst case i try and buy in town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechazod View Post
    I also still want a futuristic/hi-tech/at least steam punk setting in a new game, or at least make it involve time travel between two extremely different eras. Its not like parallel versions of worlds would be something new to the series.
    apparently this was what was supposed to happen originally.
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    I remember reading (don't remember where but I am pretty sure it was an ign article) that they had to cut out 2 dungeons from the release game to meet time deadlines when originally releasing WW. SO what I am hoping for is they are able to add these dungeons into the game for the HD remake. Either way I am super excited about this game.

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