as an Achievement hunter myself, but always lacking motivated people to complete achievements with me, I wonder if there are guilds, or groups of people on any EU server who farm achievements.
It's hard to make pugs for example Ulduar 25, non meta related, Icecrown Citadel normal modes or T11 normal/heroic modes for a drake.
I'm at 12 735 points now but running against a wall because I have almost nothing left which I can "solo" or 2 man with a friend. Most of them require you to be with at least 15 people who know what to do and the people on my realm, well, they lack some sort of part of their brain I think....
If there are any guilds or groups of friends who complete old or current content for achievements, please don't hesitate to post here, willing to transfer over and faction change even to be with people who know what to do.

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