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    MC 'Top Tips'

    For all the bubbies who know not how to survive their first few play sessions, lets share some love and help them find love from the creeper.

    Dig STRAIGHT down!
    There's no better garantee of diamonds than pointing that old cross directly down and digging like mad. You'd almost never hit lava doing this, and chances are you'll miss any nearby lava by not deviating from this direct descent.

    Creepers freakin love you, man!
    That weird looking green dude isn't hissing at you out of anger, it's just how they show love. Their hearts are literally bursting with love, and they want nothing more than for you to give them a big old hug!

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    During the first night it is important to find big dark cave to sleep in.
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    turn your brightness right up that way you never need tourches!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viglante View Post
    turn your brightness right up that way you never need tourches!
    used to do that on some N64 games to cheat :P

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    That orange liquid isnt lava, its gatorade and it restores your health if you swim in it!

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    If you dig deep enough you will hit bedrock, beneath bedrock you will find the rarest ore in the game. You just have to dig under the bedrock, it will take some time, and you might feel like you're going nowhere, but just keep hitting that bedrock, it will break sooner or later!
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    When your hunger runs out, rotten flesh is the best thing to eat.
    Measure with micrometre,
    Mark with chalk,
    Cut with axe.
    Don't you just love irony?

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    These are the greatest and most epic tips I've ever seen.

    I found out that staring directly at Endermen is the only way to make them leave you alone.

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    Left click on wolves to pet them! They'll be jumping all over you with love in no time!

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    [/irony]I am working on a full Survival guide, covering the first night, general tips on survival, self-sustainment in survival, combat tips and some other stuff, a few details about MC mechanics included (formulas etc). Unfortunately I am too lazy to format it in BB code today and the dotted list thing doesnt seem to work right now for me either, so it will have to wait until tomorrow
    and oh yeah, [irony]

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    You can ride spiders like the spider jockeys do by left clicking them during the day.

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    Always, and I mean Always! Have a open fireplace in your wooden house made of netherrack and flint&steel and you will get a clean look at the world your living in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sne View Post
    Always, and I mean Always! Have a open fireplace in your wooden house made of netherrack and flint&steel and you will get a clean look at the world your living in!
    dangerous living!

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    Always build your houses out of wood. If you make them out of stone, your house will collapse under the weight of the roof. As well, never use torches in your house. Torches are made of fire, and fire + wood is not a very fun combo.

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    I you wanna break bedrock, left-click it 500 times

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    Kill Pigmen in the Nether for good drops, you can easily pick them out in a group since they're passive.

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    If you havent build up a proper housing for the first night, try to build a 1x1 pillar with earth, so spiders and Skeletons can't attack you!

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    The first thing you should spend your well earned diamonds on is a Diamond Hoe. It will make your crops indisputably more awesome.
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    Build your house out of wood then make a lava moat! It keeps the creepers away!

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    There are many usefull things in nether, you should get there once you are ready.

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