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    Have to say, from an experience cleaning my Grandma's old house that had been smoked in for ~25 years, that TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) will clean the walls and do a wonderful job removing the smell. You've already cleaned the carpets, and like many have suggested, it would probably be best to clean them once again right after cleaning the walls.

    I'm not sure how it reacts with paint, so a post detailing what kind of paint it is, if you know, would help immensely. I believe the paint I cleaned was latex, however don't hold me accountable on that. As an added note, try the sales associates located at your favorite home improvement joint (Lowes, Home Depot, the same place you buy the TSP at, if you do.) They're bound to have some advice.

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    Hire a professional, or febreeze the place to death and give a really good clean.
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    It's official. smokers are the 3rd worst smelling thing on the planet next to dog poo and cat pee.

    really though. have fun trying to get the smoke smell out its near permanent lol. caked on teh walls ceiling everything that was in there. my work cleaned out the smoking room, repainted the walls replaced the ceiling tiles and it still reaks of smoke and cancer.

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    Overuse incense. Not regular candels with a nice touch of vanilla. Real incense. Use 40 of them everyday of the week for 2 weeks. Then just air the room out for some time and you'll have a smokefree room.

    It will smell a lot of vanilla / coconut or whatever you choose though. Better then smoke.

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    The lesson learned from this thread: never move in with a smoker. Holy shit, I never realized it could be this hard to clean up after. Good luck, man.

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    incense, and the bad smell will be gone in minutes

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    Advertise for a smoker.

    Don't be dishonest and try to mask the smell until they move in.

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    You can buy the paint with Arm and Hammer baking soda in it that is supposed to get rid of orders. I have no idea if it works though.

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    Any kind of masking of the smell will never fool a non-smoker, you'll just be wasting money - if you can't get it cleared before the people come looking, just be honest with them. It's not like they won't notice after being in the room.


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    The best way is to punch smokers repeatedly until they stop smoking around your shit.

    If the damage is already done, then I'd suggest a cleaning company to get the carpet. Also you can wash everything down with chlorine and water and let air out for a day or two, that usually gets it out. Careful of sensitive painted surfaces and wallpapers. And I hope the cost of this kind of maintenance is part of the contract.

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    It's official. smokers are the 3rd worst smelling thing on the planet next to dog poo and cat pee.

    You're going to have to wash everything that can be washed, like some other people have said in this thread. Maybe even repaint. And maybe end up replacing some stuff.
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    Paint the walls.

    Hire a steamcleaner and pressure wash the carpets.
    Mainly this. Fresh painted walls dont look like smoking (urgh at those ugly yellow corners, or the yellow touch at all).
    If its really hardcore you could buy one of those textile fresh things and spray all the carpet with it. Or get one of those electrica lair fresh things and let it run for 2 hrs. That should do the work.

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    Hire a carpet cleaner, and do the whole floor. Remember though that walls & curtains, and pretty much everything has the smell in it.

    If you have enough time, give the room a quick lick of paint, carpet clean and leave the windows open (safely) over night, it'll be freezing, but the room will clear.

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    I know one surefire way to get rid of cigarette smoke smells. Don't start smoking in the first place!
    That doesn't get rid of them -- it prevents them.

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    Get the carpets professionally cleaned, scrub the walls then repaint then with something like Killz, it'll help cover to odors, change the light bulbs (like the previous poster stated, light bulbs do tend to hold odors for whatever reason) then make sure you rent to someone who isn't a smoker next time. Or at least make a little clause in your papers that states no smoking in the house or they can be removed.
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    start smoking and you wont notice it :P

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    Can we stick to suggestions for removing the odour and not comment on smoking in general. That's not what the thread is about.

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    Can we stick to suggestions for removing the odour and not comment on smoking in general. That's not what the thread is about.
    I had to do it sorry. I'm a smoker and if you don't like smoking in the house you should have just said it in the beginning when you were living together and all this bullsh*t about blabla smoking stinks blabla il smoke anywhere the f*ck I want because f*ck you

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    Let me help.

    First off, this is coming from someone who is off a two pack a day addiction. I've been clean from cigarettes for 13 months. The first few months were hard, but not as hard as getting my walls, carpets, furniture, and etc. 'fresh' smelling again.

    First off. This needs to be done in a day or two, so plan accordingly, and be prepared for long day (sleep well, breakfast, etc.)

    Wipe down the walls with a mild vinegar solution (I used a 5:1 Ratio Water to Vinegar). Make sure this is just a damp wipe down to allow for faster drying (My mistake 1)
    Let dry (My mistake 2)
    2 coats of KILZ base primer (there's a specially formulated one for smoke and pet odor I believe, but I used just the base KILZ because of finances)
    Steam clean ALL carpets, linoleum, hardwood etc.
    Fresh coat of wall paint (color to match)
    Let it all dry for a day
    *Repeat in rooms or hallways surrounding as needed*

    Thanks Kenz for the Sig

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    As others said before -> incense sticks. I'm smoking myself quite a lot and even using only one in another room you can smell a significant difference. I probably don't smell the smoke as much as non-smokers though. Just bear in mind that some incense "flavors" don't cover the cigarette smoke as good just as the quality of the sticks is something to factor in. I always use them when i know someone is visiting who is a non-smoker.

    Although if you use 40 sticks per day for 2 weeks as someone suggested i doubt there will be any smoke or smell other than whatever stick you used left in that room ^^

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