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    Quote Originally Posted by Ixuzcc View Post
    People oughta stop using iLevel and Achievements as a gauge for wether or not a player should join a pug. If I'm leading a raid, I check each and every person carefully MYSELF, and I ask them a few crucial questions.

    Getting the right people is really easy. You just have to be willing to put in the work. Gearscore/iLevel and Achievements made raid leaders lazy.

    Oh and writing "Have brain" makes you look like an asshole who is lacking on yourself. Don't do that.
    I largely use the "achieve / ilvl" part of my spam to determine if people have a working brain or not. I don't say "have brain" in my spam because I'm able to determine if someone has a brain when they respond to my spam. For instance, if they just whisper me "invite" then I know they aren't going to be a good fit for my group. I particularly enjoy the people that start harassing me to join my group. I know for a fact that they aren't coming.

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    silkfor gave the best advice and is dead on accurate about the alt thing.

    If there is any players from notably good guilds with achieves on their main, let them go on alts. They are much lower risk than a random bonehead. I found myself in this spot when i rerolled on illidan. I had to beg to get into some pugs and tell them to armory my main (who was the exact same class/spc). Eventually i got into a few and always surprised the leaders, enough so to even get an invite to a guild that is 7/7 now

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    Quote Originally Posted by PetersenIII View Post
    Here's your problem right here: you're an idiot who thinks classes still matter. I'd dare to speculate you also expect people in full 359 iLevel (FYI, the instance was tuned for 346 *before* it got nerfed in the pants). Furthermore, how are people supposed to get the achievement? In raids that *aren't* yours? What a nice fellow you are. Frankly, I have exactly 0 sympathy for you and hope the trend of recruiting retards continues for you, good day.
    Classes still matter. This isn't something I think, this is something I know.

    If I'm putting a pug together, I don't want to teach anyone anything. If someone has an achievement on their main, I will take them. If they do not have the achievement on at least one toon, I will not take them. Period. Sure, they can get the achievement somewhere else. That doesn't make me an asshole.

    Also, I prefer pugs that outgear the place a little bit because proper coordination isn't something that just happens, you have to work for it. And without that proper coordination, it helps to have a gear cushion.

    My best geared alt is a holy paladin. I have one piece of pvp gear on him, helm. Otherwise, I'm almost full 378 outside of 384 weapon from Rag, 359 ring and a 359 trinket. This is my alt, an alt I worked to gear, that I formed groups on, that I joined groups on, and so on. If you aren't willing to put that kind of effort into your toon, why should you get a spot in my raid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilkforCalde View Post
    I routinely lead 7 / 7 FL pugs and I've done the same with the other raids.

    Some tips.

    1) Look at the player's name. Are there weird symbols? Most likely skip them. Do they have a dumb name like "Healztanx" or "Ihealzu" or "Pwnzorzalliance" or "Orcsmasher," you get the idea? DEFINITELY SKIP THEM.
    Or Silkforcalde...

    Most of your advice was very good, but that first rule is, for lack of a better word, retarded.

    I know many people who roll alts with ridiculous names, because they are ALTS! Not to mention that a lot of "regular" names are taken 7 years into this game...
    "Yeah man, I'll help you with whate- Oh, you have a spider problem? Yeah.... Fuck that."

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    Pugging in general yields mixed results for me. I either get a fantastic group with one or two undergeared people, or a horrible horrible group of overgeared players that do 7-11k dps on a boss, with lust, that can't understand why the boss won't go down, seem to not understand that adds are priority. It was the same in Wotlk. You gear doesn't necessarily mean your good, it just means you've done your valor, gotten drops in raid. I know myself when I tank, I like to take an undergeared OT just for the sake of giving him gear, especially if its a tank from my guild or a friend. Most of the points above are good, but I have a system you might like.
    This expansion, I haven't done much raiding. I can't make my guilds' raid times, even if there are 10+groups, I can't raid normal hours. I've been relying on pugs to get any progression done, except for the two months I was unemployed where I spammed bot/bwd/totfws like the Dk I am.
    In Wotlk, I started doing late night 25mans (when 25mans were AWESOME, no double lockout) that was almost purely pug. I would take a few guildies or friends, one tank, one healer, 1 dps, and I would either tank or dps, or at times heal on my bf's account. I would recruit in trade. I didn't need acheivement, especially late in the expansion, I wanted to see 'in progress'. My thoughts were if they were linking me an 'in progress' then it was fine, atleast they had been in and attempted. 9/10 times I'd get achievements that just missed Putricide and LK, or just LK. Awesome. I would take, at limit, less than 4 people that hadn't done any fights, people that I knew could still manage to clear fights. No problems. I limited my runs to 2hs per run, at most. No bio breaks, if you really needed one just to /w me.
    The first couple runs were absolutely horrible. HORRIBLE. I had one run go 4 hours. Next week: 2 hour timeslot was initiated.
    I emptied my friends list and put names on it of people I would never take again, for example : Cloth dps loses roll to healer for item, item is better for healer, cloth dps leaves raid and starts screaming 'ninja' in trade. LoL. I can't even use a staff as a DK.... So, I started putting names. For the absolutely horrible people, I had a NO RAID list, a note taped to my computer.
    Eventually, the 'player note' was introduced into the game, can't remember when, made EVERYTHING so much better...
    You'll get your own system eventually, but I still use the player note system lol, now just in the game. For example, I have a healer listed as 'NO RAID NO RAID NO RAID'. That means definitely don't take that healer again. I have a dps listed that says 'GEMS HIT NO INT NO RAID'. No raid. I have a dps listed as 'Gigantic Knob-no raid unless drunken fun run'.

    Get the idea? You'll get your own system, but everything in this thread is useful, except for the 'holy paragraphs!'. I don't really find those all that constructive.

    I am going to start doing FL pugs again, probably friday nights, LATE friday nights, should be interesting. I'll start it out as a ten man and just go from there. I wouldn't mind if it was like Wotlk where I had a good number of returning players. Some nights, I'll admit, it got silly, may have turned into a drunken fun run. LoL. I remember a lan party once, where the guy sitting beside me had giant speakers and decided to blast I'm a Barbie Girl and Cindy Lauper's 'Girls just wanna have fun!' While I lead a 25man ICC pug. Good stuff. People still remind me of that. To this day.... Hah. I remember, the same lan party, we had done a 10man with another guild, half and half my guild, friends, and another guild, with another gm, which ended up being my gm now. I had the other tank on one side of me, a dps on the other side, a raid healer across from me and a dps sitting beside the healer. The leader, whos now my GM, was getting iritated because we kept wiping Sindragosa. In all fairness, I had one strat, the other tank had another strat, and the leader had a completely different strat. I also couldn't hear when he wanted me to taunt, the other tank, because he was speaking into his monitor instead of into vent or into the room.. Hah.

    Ok, that got a little off topic, but you get the gist of what I'm saying, right? Hah.
    So yea. Go over strat, talk to people, take a bit of time to even things out. Fun runs I used to tell people if they were going to call me a ninja when they lost a roll, or had fear that as a dk tank I'd take the ... What was that one trinket in 25man dropped off the gunship that melee dps wanted and people kept ninja'ing... Starts with a D.. Can't search it currently. LoL. Go over all loot rules, establish a group that will return, especially if you'd like to see it happen the next week.

    Pro tips. : )
    Good luck!

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