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    2589 haste question

    so for the next VT tick its 2589 haste
    i have currently 2500 haste and 14.12 mastery should i give up mastery enchants ( boots and gloves) for that extra tick or wait around on some upgrades
    if you find any other improvement with my current gear set up let me know
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    If you're only sacrificing MST to get 2589 HST I'd do it. Just don't use dmc:v over vplc like some unnamed gnome did.

    Use wowreforge.com to optimize your reforges, gear looks fine otherwise.

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    ^Pretty much. If a breakpoint is reachable, go for it.

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    from what i have experienced is that if you can not reach the 2589 break point with gear that has the regular BiS chants, than you should go for pretty much a straight mastery build until you can reach that break point. I don't think it would be beneficial to switch to the other enchants but if i were you i would try out both ways on a dummy and do some simcraft it and see how each does.

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    Gear yourself normally until you hit the haste breakpoint- Don't change anything. Reforge to haste from mastery->crit->spirit->hit ..Assuming hit capped already. Don't sacrifice better enchants (i.e. 50 int to bracers) to get it though.

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