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    Since u can change your lightsaber form, could u change [ no nda breaking ]

    I was looking at the AC page at the official site, and saw that the Jedi Knight will be able to use Shien, ShiiCho, Juyo, Soresu and at least Ataru forms. Since in the movies and hqs show that there r diferent form of holding the lightsaber, wouldnt it be awsome to see u holding it reverse-grip like ahsoka or starkiller when changing to shien form, for example?
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    arrgghh reverse grip

    it looks cool, but TFU is the only instance where we see someone holding it backwards as a stance and not as a way of blocking...
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    The reverse grip was an example, like if u go to the wookipedia, u will see that each form have diferent stances, it would be nice to hold your lightsaber diferent, depending on the form u r using, dont u think?

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    pretty sure there wint be any reverse grip in game....not until waaaaay later maybe, the forms are just like warrior stances tho +damage +parry etc etc

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