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    Mod are getting Ban Happy...

    Trolls, honestly. I'm all for you keeping that Information thus far etc thread alive for so long. But there really isn't any need to swing your ban hammer whenever you feel like it. The addon and combat log threads were two of the only intellectual discussions in these entire subforums and you locked them because of a few idiots posting dribble. Take a page out of the senior mods books and infract stupid people, don't lock the thread for no reason (NO you didn't have a reason)
    We're all going to take a timeout from discussing addons for a while.
    Really, what are you like 12? A timeout?

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    Speaking of the Ban hammer.... my spidey-sense is tingling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crymore View Post
    Really, what are you like 12? A timeout?
    What else would you call a forced cease of discussion that may be continued at a later date?

    Besides, all moderator actions are up to the discretion of the moderator. If you have a problem and really want to change things and not whine (like a 12 year old), take it up with Boub or Sunshine.
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    ...because being black means you can't be racist only prejudice.
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    ...black people have no power, privilege they cannot be racist since they were oppressed.
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    Did you just compare slavery to the holocaust? Don't compare them. The holocaust lasted 4 years while slavery lasted for well over 200 years at least in the US FYI

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    Both threads were going the same direction, and it was just a flame fest waiting to happen, if it hadn't happened already.
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    Closed. Making alternate accounts just to post a drama thread to avoid the points on your main account isn't a good idea.

    Also, discussing mod actions isn't allowed to begin with. If you have issues with moderator behavior/actions, PM Sunshine or Boubouille!

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