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    I have a theory that I may test at some point.

    Give everything you got on haste (apart from the primary stat). That way you'll be able to move out of fire sooner and squeeze more dps or healing or mitigation.

    I know theory says otherwise but reality gives a more sinister view: There is fire on the ground.

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    Haste doesn't increase your base movement speed, so you don't physically move out of the fire any faster. You're there just as long as the next guy depending on how much better your reaction time is(and if you have the movement enchant to boot).
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    Not to mention you can just do instant cast spells while you're moving.
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    Haste doesn't have anything to do with movement speed and thus is completely unrelated to the fire on the ground. I don't see this going anywhere productive so I'm going to close it.

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