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    Heroic Beth 10 man dps assignments

    2 blood dks

    resto shaman
    Disc priest
    Holy pally

    Fury warrior
    Aff/Demo lock
    Arcane Mage

    What should be the assignments for the healers and dps? any suggestions?

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    Holy Paladin upstairs
    Discipline Priest on Moonkin + raid <(may be changed, no real difference)> Resto Shaman on tank downstairs + raid

    Rogue upstairs + Arcane mage in first phase (if you have high dps, mage fulltime upstairs)
    Moonkin killing Spiderlings + getting the Broodlings to explode with his respective healer as backup for Broodlings --- Aff/Demo Lock as backup if spiderlings get through (should only happen if moonkin gets Fixate)
    Rest on Drone & Spinners
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    Resto shaman+arcane mage+rogue upstairs, Arcane mage invis first smoldering to reduce dmg then drop down and stay down for rest of the fight.

    Moonkin handle spiderlings, needs to be vocal if he needs help, disc priest helping with soaking broodlings
    Warrior+lock on spinners/drone, holy paladin should be down to help with taunts. Between blood dk/holy pally fury warrior shouldn't have to stance dance often to taunt, which hurts his dps.

    The hardest part is going to be handling the broodlings+spiderlings, you need to be vocal and communicate when your boomkin needs help, and your lock needs to be ready to switch at an instant. Your boomkin should be specced into mushroom slow, as well.

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