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    H rag - molten elementals best way to mind sear them?

    is there a good macro to use or does anyone know the best way to get them? thanks

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    /cast [target=Haaraksha] Mind Sear

    That's the demo lock pet, if you got a decent lock in your raid

    you also can put a hunters pet in that

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    I just put a focus on the felguard and mind sear off of it, that way I dont need to make a macro/have two binds for both target and focus mind sear.
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    I just have a general /tar macro that has the name of almost every add that you target on any given fight, like the shadow elementals or oozes on cho'gall or rageface on shannox. It just makes it alot more streamline and helps you target adds faster, almost every fight in the game you have some add that you need to dps, so I really dont see a detrement to adding a new keybind just for targeting mobs that need to be bursted down fast.


    is my h rag kill and you can see me using my target macro and also changing the target to maximize the damage it does.

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    For real? I use healbot for mind sear. U can use anything else like this but healbot is cool, doing alt+left mouseclick on char which i want and lets go

    Best way imho to solve the prob with finding a target

    PS: You can link pets in Healbot too
    Im sorry for my bad english :P

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