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    Holy - Updated notes.

    The latest ptr update for 4.3 brought some specific new changes to holy.

    Holy Word: Serenity now has a 10 sec cooldown, down from 15 sec.
    Guardian Spirit now increases healing received by 60%, up from 40%.
    Tome of Light now reduces the cooldown of Holy Word spells by 15/30%, down from 30/60%.


    Your thoughts on Holy for 4.3?

    Serenity being a 10 second CD is as Blizz wanted, not for it to be up full time.

    Guardian Spirit getting buffed to become awesome.

    Tome of light changes as expected.

    Wooooo Holy!

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    But with Tome of Light 2/2 and 4pc T13, you CAN have Serenity up 100% of the time, 7 sec CD and 8 sec duration.

    As for GS's "buff", eh, 20% more healing on its short duration, I guess that's kinda nice. Would help if they fixed it to not bug out though.
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    As Vook says: GS bugs are one of the most annoying things. They still happen a lot, BUT now the CD doesn't fire off without triggering GS, so you wont track it as easily, but good it does not go on CD unused, atleast...

    Atleast 2xtimes it happened only this raid evening, I am very sure. A 20% extra healing recieved wouldn't have saved these peoples tonight, and even with a trigger the20% will probably not be noticable. It would be nice if GS instantly healed the target for 20% HP instead, directly at cast or something, maybe that would solve some of the cases with non-triggering GS's.

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    I'm fine with g'spirit as it is now. Of course i miss the glyph that reduced the cd if not trigger but hey that was kind of too much ( imo ). i prefer to use my g spirit raid is taking lots of dmg , i pop on tanks most of the time help my holy pally while i full the raid... hell i can even pop it on me use d prayer, back to 100% in 2 gcd and i can focus others.

    i like the 20% buff they add and i will see the difference if some cannot. 76k crit gh+20% even bigger then 76k crit , wont be hard to notice the difference... for the poster above me well... yeh that 20%+ good timing on usage will make a huge difference. think about it 80k crit will become 100kcrit. add our mastery to that and... yeah... :-D holy for t13, HERE I COME

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    Anyone done math to see what single target efficiency/throughput will be under all these new changes?

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