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    Anduin Wrynn - Future King and Awesome Priest (Possible Spoilers Warning)

    So, after reading the latest Alliance Leaders story focusing on Varian, I have quite a bit of newfound respect for Anduin. He plays a very well designed foil to his father's character.

    What I'm most interested in right now is the boy's skill with the bow. It made me think back on Night Elf Priests and how they, too, used bows historically. I know they may not the best stats, but having a bow as a priest would be really cool and flavorful, in my opinion.

    So, anybody else with me on hoping they open some of these options up in the future, like bows for priests? Or, do you believe Anduin and the countless night elves are an exception more than a rule in this case?

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    Im pretty sure the bows were a night elf thing and its a symbol for anduins personality. The fact that he isnt a warrior like most royals. I dont expect him to become king honestly, id assume hes going to be the new arch bishop eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eowenn View Post
    id assume hes going to be the new arch bishop eventually.
    Now that would be interesting, but probably won't happen because then he would multiply functions being the sole heir to the throne.
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    I would love if they allowed Priest to use bows in some sort of way, but if they did they would probably just do it with Wands.

    I know this is the Priest Forums but I would love if they incorprated a healing/range class next Expansion.

    I do believe he will be king, a new kind of king. Azeroth has gone through many changes and so has civilization. Anduin to me would be perfect for the Future of the Alliance to look towards. He can be a powerful leader that provides great offense and defense with the Light.

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