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    Tips for Jan'Alai

    Hi Guys,

    was wondering if anyone can give me any tips for Jan 'Alai in Zul Aman. ( Dragonhawk Boss )
    Did a run yesterday and everything went fine up to this guy.
    I went as Holy, placed the lightwell in a clear spot yelling out that it's actually there to be used to heal your ass when needed and went into Chakra sanctuary.
    Renew on tank and the fight starts. The mage, warlock and hunter all take loads of dmg and I'm basically on the backfoot from the first flamebreath on.
    FH x2 followed by a GH to get the tank back up. Dps keeps getting hit and whilst I'm trying to keep everyone alive I use divine aegis on the tank who's at an all time low again. So back to FH x 2 and a GH. In the meantime I'm using most of my Aoe heals on cd to keep everyone up.
    Had inner will on instead of focus for bigger heals.
    Then the dragonhawks come and it's game over.
    Dps yelling at me to dispel the flame buffets. Tanks health dropping faster then Barack Obamas popularity.
    2nd try I spend most of my time dispelling the tank ( 7 times ) before he dies again during adds phase.
    Looked at my recount, did 9,7k hps and around 20% overheal during the fight.
    Somehow I just can't seem to keep people alive during this fight.
    Should I go disc for this fight ? Ignore the debuffs and heal through them ?
    Any tips are more then welcome.

    armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...dicasta/simple

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    Hope you get a tank that knows what he's doing, and pray.

    OP: Make sure everyone knows which handler you are killing and the opposite side will spawn the hatchlings. have the tanka nd group move to that side and AoE heal em/ super mega heal em up and you should be good, then the other side same thing. mini enrage happens hope that the tank pops a CD and its a win. Keeping in mind that the other dps and you should be moving out of fire. Fire may look warm and inviting, but it's bad.
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    The mage, the warlock, and the hunter are all bad. They shouldn't ever be taking any significant amount of damage in this encounter. They either fail at avoiding breath or fail at aoeing. Hunter MD on the tank for the adds help a bit. The only thing you should be concerned is losing your tank to the "All eggs hatch" phase. Holy has it a bit tough with no defensive cooldowns (sans GS), but it should be no trouble if the tank blows CD's as well. Also dispelling does help, especially on the tank, so do it if you have a GCD to spare.

    Considering your gear, Disc might be easier because of PS and Barrier, but it's more dependent on your tank and dps than your own.

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    This guy does do a lot of damage if your party is careless.

    The flame breath is entirely avoidable. Jan'Alai turns in the direction it will go as he casts it. The target(s) should move out of the way. Also, the party should spread out around the boss so that if it does hit somebody, it won't be three people.

    Nobody should take damage from the fire bombs if they're handled properly. It helps to stand close to the boss while they're being cast, because those bombs go down first and don't blow up for a while, so there's plenty of time to find an empty spot.

    Dispel flame buffet from the tank. The dps shouldn't get it. Even if they do, they should be able to avoid the other two attacks.

    I can't speak to priest mechanics specifically, since I heal as a druid. But the party damage in this one is avoidable, so it shouldn't matter who's healing it.

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    As other people have said the dps is bad, this tends to happen a lot with this boss and myself i will just let the bad players die, it's not a solution but this is one of those fights that people being terrible makes the fight exponentially harder, especially at troll heroic level gear. Pretty much all the fire damage can be easily avoided maybe one tick of flame breath if you are slow.

    If you have the mana/global spare dispelling a few buffets from tank can help with incoming damage, but it's not major. Personally I stick in serenity most of the time, sanc may be needed to switch if people are playing badly.

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    in a group like you described, where essentially, the only melee was the tank, damage most certainly should be mostly avoidable. One thing I've noticed, is that the tank can take extra dmg if not careful, by standing too close to the boss, so that whenever he casts the flame breath, no matter the direction, they get hit since the breath centers and starts off the boss's feet. Had alot of tanks / melee not realize this until told to step back off his hit box a tad to avoid it. Otherwise, as ranged, other than occasional ticks of the breath as you move out if slow, there should be zero unavoidable dmg taken by the group. Of course, 80% of my pugged groups always seem to have an issue or 2 with this boss, and healing it is always fun. My priest is disc and I find it easier at her gear lvl of 360-ish, to heal that fight. I just keep shields up on the less than smart folks, keep PoM bouncing on CD and toss lots of Prayers of Healing to proc Divine Aegis etc and its not too terrible, tho each group is always a tad different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeleh View Post
    Personally I stick in serenity most of the time, sanc may be needed to switch if people are playing badly.
    I prefer serentiy myself as well, but due to dps taking big dmg during trash mobs I went into sanctuary for a bit more AoE heals.

    So basically, stay holy, spread out, put lightwell in a good spot for all to reach.
    Let bad sps die if things get too crazy.
    Focus on healing the tank and IF i get the chance, dispell, but as a last priority.
    Spamheal phase when all eggs hatch.

    Thanks for the tips. Tonight another try.

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    I wouldn't call dispel a last priority - just let it stack to 15-20 then dispel them all in one gcd. Stops the damage getting out of hand without burning all your gcds on dispels.
    I normally PS the tank through the big egg phase, so you'll probably want to have GS ready for that. Once the hatchlings are down the fight is very easy.

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