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    SWTOR Worldwide Bull

    So I saw the worldwide release announcement about swtor after having been disappointed by them previously and then when I tried to pre-order I got this:

    To maintain a high quality of service, only certain regions worldwide will be able to pre-order Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

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    REALLY? what about worldwide?or just Europe?

    I live in the middle east and that's close enough to Europe, also their whole idea of origin is plain stupid, it has such a bad interface and the website itself is so badly organized..

    In conclusion, why am I not allowed to pre-order SWTOR from Origin, the digital download standard edition version?

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    They used the term global to mean that, where the game is being launched initially, they will release on the same day instead of staggered. Sorry that it was misunderstood, and I'm very sorry you live outside the initial launch regions. However, it's still possible for you to play should you buy the game from a retailer such as Amazon. There will not be IP region locks.

    Closing before this becomes a rant thread with fighting.
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