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    Burned by BETA invites? Me too! Let your nerdrage loose.

    There is an old expression from MMOs.

    Random Loot is Random or
    RNG is RNG

    I have always accepted this when raiding, and killing XYZ boss for the nth time for that 1 missing piece!

    I tried to take the same view to the SW:TOR beta, but I tell ya its getting hard!

    Been signed up for beta since summer of 2010 on both me and my wifes accounts, system scan complete with top end rigs just built that summer.

    Patiently waiting, every day for some news about the beta.

    Earlier this year one of my RL friends gets a beta invite to test Bounty Hunters, only a short test nothing major, but he enjoyed it and was bragging about the awesomeness of TOR over beers at the pub.

    Several months ago, different friend, same pub. "I got a beta invite today, downloading now" - ARGHHH burned again, fuck you buddy!
    What makes this worse is this friend the week before lived literally 4 minutes from my house and happened to move in with his girlfriend in a different town ~ 1.5 hours away from where I live.....So I can't get even try it without a road trip!

    Fast Forward late August--> System specs requirement dropped from the testing signup, pre-orders go out. I convince my other friends and past guildies to sign up and pre-order since beta weekends were coming up in September.

    First round of beta invites come for the weekend betas, i check my email and my wifes email every second waiting for the message to come, I know it will, it has to.

    BAM! Email from Star Wars The Old Republic - So excited i open it up.....

    You have a new private message on Star Wars The Old Republic
    "Dude I just got into BETA and I signed up like a week ago! I'm so stoked"


    I received another one of these from another guildy in the same fashion.

    So those 2 got into a beta weekend and were talking about how awesome it was, and i was struggling with my urge from clubbing a baby penguin.

    Fast forward recently, "New beta invites went out" a number of posters in the mega thread and now this forum "I got into beta" "Beta invite FTW", looking for my email, nope not there. Jealousy rising, nerd rage increasing exponentially.

    My best friend texts me, "Got into Beta, downloading now, this shit is huge"
    "Yeah like 40gigs or something i say" and throw my coffee mug into the wall!
    "You've been wanting to get in for like a year, why don't you come over and play it tonight"
    FUCK YEAH!!!! Like a kid on christmas day and shit I show up all grinning ear to ear.

    This one only lives 4 minutes away, and I stayed as late as his wife would let me, LOL.

    These last couple months are going to be tough and the anticipation is going to suck. Luckily I have to burn vacation and have taken off the entire second half of December to get my fill before the new year starts.

    So I have been burned by the TOR beta, and I know some of you have too! If you have some rage, let it out!

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    Downloading the beta atm, feels john goodman

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    I got to play the beta weekend just gone. Signed up in August 2009 I think it was and only just got it the weekend.

    Now I'm raging just because I want to play the damn game. :<
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    Quote Originally Posted by carebear View Post
    I got to play the beta weekend just gone. Signed up in August 2009 I think it was and only just got it the weekend.

    Now I'm raging just because I want to play the damn game. :<
    This is like a tease isn't it!

    "Its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all"

    ^ Bullshit, need more beta love, asap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwun View Post
    Downloading the beta atm, feels john goodman
    *waves hand*

    You will bring the beta key to me now....... You serve your master well

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    Only a couple months now before it's released. Don't worry, be happy. It'll be all the sweeter for having waited so long.

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    Well, I have no doubt that literally millions signed up for the beta so I wouldn't take it personally. And besides in just over 2 months you get to play the real deal.

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    Only 65 days, 22 hrs, 43 mins and 20 seconds to go....RAAGGGGEEE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skippy88 View Post
    Well, I have no doubt that literally millions signed up for the beta so I wouldn't take it personally. And besides in just over 2 months you get to play the real deal.
    Agreed, I never really expected to get into the full beta, simply due to the chances. However when 2 of my close friends got in it kinda slapped me in the face. Not to mention a couple guildies getting into the weekend betas right after signing up.

    And I'm surely not in as bad a boat as other parts of the world who couldn't pre-order, or might not play on release. So i don't feel too bad, this was mostly in jest at the events happeing around me.

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    I dont know what makes me rage more - The clickers and backpeddlers that are getting the invites or the fact that I'm not getting one.
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    yeah i didn't get one either. i was thinking about it today and i thought, "hey, if i play the beta now i'll lose that woah moment" - yeah i think i'm just gonna wait for that

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    I kinda wish I didn't get into the last weekend beta. It's like crack; being without it is torture. Ever since it ended, other games haven't seemed as fun. And now I have to wait another 2 months!

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    Signed up since 2008 both me and my fiancée from the uk, invites = 0. The only email i got was the falsely sent out "Thank you for testing SW:TOR" AGH! What makes it worce is a family friend of mine works for EA near where i live and shes always telling me about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kapaya View Post
    I dont know what makes me rage more - The clickers and backpeddlers that are getting the invites or the fact that I'm not getting one.
    Same here, man...
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    Been signed up to the site since 10.22.2008, maybe i'll get a '3 years waiting' beta slot.

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    after playing the cata beta, i'm not gonna be too dissapointed in not getting the SW:TOR beta (even though it was my friend who got the invite and gave me his details to log in with). i thought it kinda spoiled cata for me, but tbh, i think cata possibly spoiled itself - but thats a topic for another thread.

    i'd still like to get into the beta though, as i would most likely play some republic classes, give whatever feedback i can on them and save the empire side for when it goes live - 0 impact on my gameplay then, apart from being able to get hands on with it a lot earlier than a whole bunch of people.

    my guild forum would also get spammed with loads of NDA breaking stuff
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    I feel ya. My buddy got a invite, didnt even check his email until Sunday and got to play one day, where as I check my email hourly.

    But at this point, it almost feels worth waiting. It was one thing when we didnt have a release date, but now there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Heh i feel your pain here. No luck, had system specs and all etc.. yadda yadda yadda

    Silver lining : Perhaps getting a BETA invite would only tick me off for knowing exactly what I have to wait another 2 months to actually play. Its kind of like if you give a kid some candy then take it away they're going to be very upset and throw a tantrum. If you never give the kid candy in the first place, they'll stay content

    *One thing i'll add, is I would love the BETA so I can try out the 4 SITH classes. Since i'm about about 40% likely for Warrior or Inquisitor, and 10% likely for BH or IA, I would like to see which class I will enjoy enough to make my first main character. Playing beta would allow me to try the 4 classes to see which one I want to hit the ground running with come Dec 20th.

    Otherwise it may take me 2-3 days to finally settle in on one class when the game comes out.
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    You can't be "burned" if you were never entitled to something in the first place.

    Personally, I just made the decision to play SWtoR about a week ago and knew almost nothing of the game before then. I'm going to keep it that way, so I could care less about beta (although I've been signed up for it for about the past year as well)
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    I played my friend's Beta Invite for a few hours last weekend. The game is going in a good direction, mechanics so far are working smoothly, movement is smooth, I had feared it would move like NWN but luckily no, its like an improved Mass Effect type of control. Makes me pleased that I made my pre-order the same day they were available.

    Now, I am just anxious for it to be my turn to get into some hot beta action.

    **attempted to edit for NDA and all that schtuff***
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    I also would love to test the beta but you know something, probably not playing beta will make you enjoy even more the game on release at least it's what I hope lol

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