I've been playing Fury for a long time now, but I recently used a lvl 120 boost for a Worgen Warrior

so even though my iLvl is 399, some of my gear, notably both my weapons, is the basic gear you get as a freshly boosted character. Not sure if that's any relevance.

I'm not sure if my DPS is decent or sub-par and I'd just want to determine if my problem is purely gear-related or if it's my rotation. Whenever I run LFR for example, I'm usually in the lower half DPS-wise. In Heroics Dungeons it kinda fluctuates: sometimes I'm the top DPS, but often I'm the lowest DPS.

So I recorded two fights on LFR that show what rotation I use:


I would really appreciate any feedback on what I can tweak in my rotation. If gear is the problem, well then I know I just have to keep gearing up. I did follow the guides, several of them actually and I think my rotation is correct more or less, but I just want to be sure there are no fundamental mistakes.

Thank you!