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    Blood of Shu'ma -- Jeepers :o

    Soulflayer Yor'sahj calls to the might of Shu'mas, summoning three differently colored globules of his blood. These globules path slowly towards Yor'sahj, infusing him with additional powers if they reach him. In Heroic difficulty four slimes answer Yor'sahj's call.

    Fusing Vapors - The blood globules emit a vapor that fuses with all other nearby globules when attacked. The vapor heals the nearby globules for 5% of their maximum life.

    When one globule dies, the surviving globules completely fuse and gain immunity to all forms of damage.
    Glowing Globule - When a Glowing Globule reaches Yor'sahj, it infuses Yor'sahj with the Glowing Blood of the Shu'ma.
    Glowing Blood of Shu'ma - Yor'sahj's Void Bolt now hits all nearby targets instead of one, Yor'sahj uses his abilities twice as often, and his attack speed increases by 50%.
    Cobalt Globule - When a Cobalt Globule reaches Yor'sahj, it infuses Yor'sahj with the ability to summon Mana Voids.
    Mana Void - A Mana Void leeches all the mana from every ranged spell caster and healer, storing the mana within itself. Destroying the Mana Void evenly returns the total of the leeched mana via Mana Diffusion to players within 18 yards.
    Crimson Globule - When a Crimson Globule reaches Yor'sahj, it infuses Yor'sahj with the Searing Blood ability.
    Searing Blood - Yor'sahj sears the blood of three random players, inflicting a base of 35000 Fire damage. The further the target stands from Yor'sahj, the greater shock received from the blast. In 25 player raids, Yor'sahj sears the blood of eight random players.
    Dark Globule - When a Dark Globule reaches Yor'sahj, the corruption of the blood seeps out into the Mouth of Shu'ma. This vile corruption then periodically creates Forgotten Ones that attack the players.
    Forgotten One - These creatures fixate on a random target.
    Psychic Slice - The Forgotten One emits a wave of psychic force at its current target, inflicting 44000 Shadow damage.
    Acidic Globule - When an Acidic Globule reaches Yor'sahj, the mouth of Shu'ma infuses with the acidic blood and stimulates further Digestive Acid production.
    Digestive Acid - Digestive Acid periodically secretes from the stomach lining, inflicting 60000 Nature damage to a player and nearby allies within 4 yards.
    Shadowed Globule - When a Shadowed Globule reaches Yor'sahj, it infuses Yor'sahj with the Deep Corruption ability.
    Deep Corruption - Yor'sahj's Deep Corruption spreads to every player, causing every fifth healing or absorbtion effect cast on a player to trigger a violent detonation, inflicting 50000 Shadow damage to all players.

    I'm guessing dealing with Deep Corruption deals with everyone shutting down healing and only letting very controlled direct heals go out.
    Mana Burn effects on a boss encounter can go suck on a cactus :/

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    This boss is all random And looks like Majoras Wrath XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by turlyonlost to tirion wtf View Post
    This boss is all random And looks like Majoras Wrath XD
    exactly wat i was thinking when i read it

    oh god i hated that boss and game

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    both the ones you BOLDED are actually not a problem at all, even if they come at the same time. if those two come together just ignore them = only tank taking damage = tank using cds or getting cds. I'm going to assume that there's direct heals that triggers that effect so bear tanks or paladin tanks with seal of insight can selfheal aswell as retribution paladins using divine storm and shamans spirit link totem also "heals" the tanks up. I'm much more worried about having green, blue and purple up at the same time, although then you could just kill the mana burn one and spread out and ignore the green aoe splash damage and just have people using cds since purple = 90k raid damage every now and then (normal) and green is 60k raid damage every now and then (normal) personal cds, raid cds and resistance should be more than enough to mitigate that damage.

    looks like a very fun fight from what i've seen on streams.
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    From what I cant tell the Two you bolded are actually the easiest to deal with. Mana voids you just kill with a quickness, and the Corruption you stop AOE heals and have one healer watch the person and heal him only when he gets low and with big heals. I dont know how much void bolt hits for so I really cant gauge that ability although assuming it hits for a decent amount(which isnt really far out of the scope of reality) means glowing would be a bitch. Crimson you just run in that ones kind of a joke. Acidic I can see being a problem as it hits very hard But at the same time its not the worst out of them all so Not sure how that will play out especially since when it reaches we dont know the intervals of how often it will hit. And Dark is...not sure It could potentially change your comp since it might have to be tanked, But hopefully its fixate will be full time and itl be like a rageface type deal, But the psychic slice affect looks lame and easy to deal with.

    Also realize im basing this having never even seen the PTR this is just from reading the abilitys posted by OP sooooo take it with a grain of salt if you want, But as for or ranking in terms of danger id have to say

    1)Glowing 2)Acidic 3)Dark 4)Cobalt 5)Crimson

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