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    Pet damage: "attack" stat and weapon damage %

    I see that spells are based on weapon damage % as well as pets, such as the Zombie Dogs.

    What I want to know is this: The Witch Doctor's "Soul Harvest" reads as follows: "Feed on the life force of up to 5 nearby enemies within 15 yards. Gain 126 attack for each effected enemy. This effect lasts 30 sec.", and the way pets (such as the Gargantuan or the Zombie Dogs) scale is by a weapon damage %, as do your spells like Firebomb or Haunt. I understand that + attack or + attack% increase the damage of your spells, but does the + attack benefit your current pets damage as well?

    For example, if I have a Gargantuan out, will his damage increase when I get the +attack from using Soul Harvest? Or are pets just based on weapon damage %?

    Sorry if it sounds confusing, I tried wording it as clear and neat as possible.
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    + attack increases all dmg done by an percantage

    if you have a 100 dps wep it will be like 100dps*(the value displayed at you character screen based on attack) which affekts all skills/pets; i guess
    i dont have a beta account to actually test

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    Thanks, yea I was just curious, because it seems inconsistent to just have pets out that never increase in power every time you do. For example, if you got Gruesome Feast (10%attack/healthglobe) and Pierce the Veil (20% "all dmg" increase) as passives but your pets didn't increase in damage, it seems like some builds would be less powerful than others.

    I might be thinking too much into it, but I love theorycrafting so I wanted to make sure before I get ready for d3 release.

    I'll try to ask someone in the beta.
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    it says wep damage as a reference to the base damage, it then adds your attack to the damage when you actually hit things, the only way to check it would be to actually play the game i suppose
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