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    Considering my history of fails on WoW guilds and LoL teams, I will start my own PvE guild, with my rules, and - the most important - my /gkicks.

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    I haven't decieded yet on what type of a guild I have want to go for.
    I have plans to play with IRL friends of mine and maybe make a guild with them or find a guild with them, I dunno yet.
    But I think I will go for a guild who are not only specializes on one single thing but a guild who tries out everything in the game. I really want to try out everything in Guild Wars 2 that needs a guild to complete.
    I have been playing WoW sinces vanilla and I really hope I will get the same kind of feeling I had back then when I first time raided with a guild.
    Hopefully people in Guild Wars 2 will be the same as those I meet back then, who played for fun and enjoyed to play with each others.

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    I've already formed my competitive 5-man team with a maximum of 7 people.

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    all the GvGers i played with kinda fell off the face of the earth so ill probably roll solo until i find something legit

    that or all of the Texas crew could make our own guild... Climbed over the [Wall] maybe? nah

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    I believe you mean 'may the best Bookah feline win'
    i know im supposed to hate the charr but maybe the iron legion could develop an asura punting machine...

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    I hope it's like that, will mean that I won't have trouble creating a guild of my own.
    sigils on the other hand...
    The Original Ganksta

    Top 100 US daggers. yeah, you're jelly alright

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    then again i'm pretty sure you're smarter then the average dumbass

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