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    I'd replace you with a disc priest or a DPS for domo tbh.
    And you will wipe because your dps won't heal the 7M I've done (but you're right you don't need a Rshaman in your raid, other healing class are probably better)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ograkk View Post
    If you, as a resto shaman, has the time to do that amount of damage on Majordomo you have too many healers. What you actually should compare is the benefits of having an extra healer to an extra dps, not the amount dps healers do.

    My experience, as mentioned by others above, is that TC has played out its role with the ilvl we have now.

    If you compare the lenght from our kill with a standard kill you'll notice that we need 2 extra minutes to kill the boss -> we don't spoil the strategy and we are creating our own strategy (and our is by far not the fastest). I was dpsing 3 minutes and healing 5 minutes, and in those 5 minutes I can heal stronger because I've more mana. You can replace myself with a dps, he will probably do some nice dps but he won't heal the 7M Hp I've done.

    If I can heal 7M AND do 1M3 damages, why would I only heal 7M ?
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    Lol this debate is so old and such a big can of worms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mittacc View Post
    i have yet to use it, imo you shouldn't rely on dmg as your regen as a healer, but that's just me :P
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    In my opinion, it's not needed, ever.

    Then again, I'm only 2/7 HM in firelands, so maybe my opinion doesn't weigh as heavily.

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    Anyone who said it's amazing for Alysrazor, I want to punch you in the face very hard.

    Anyway I personally don't use it, I get along fine without it, it certainly isn't necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maples View Post
    Is it really 106k mana gained or didn't you take the LB mana cost in account and did you really need the extra mana?
    It's taking the mana cost into account. Around 136k mana gained from TC, minus ~30k for the LBs. Keep in mind that this is a fight where you have a bonus to damage done for much of the fight. And the mana did come in very handy when healing orb tankers while also tanking myself. Running ten man with two healers, so no shortage of healing to be done.

    Contributing about half a million points of damage isn't too shabby either. When first learning the Domo fight way back, we had two wipes at around 1%. Looking at the numbers afterwards, I realized that if our other healers had been replaced by resto shamans, the damage from TC would have been enough to turn both wipes into kills. So it's not an entirely trivial contribution to raid damage.
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    If you are 2-healing all HM fights except for Beth if you have bad gear (as you should), then TC is a great tool. You may get by fine without it, and that's great. But if you want to juice out that last 10% out of your character, set up the boss as a /focus target, with a focus lightning bolt macro and send that lightning bolt flying every time you get a 2 second break (and that happens very often, imo.) Personally, I went to get the +hit rating talent, because I don't like RNG at all and I can do fine without ghost wolf when I have the boots enchant.

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