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    Quote Originally Posted by anjan011 View Post
    did u set proper option on simcraft as well as ur latency? during the simulation, u should set those options. by default sim sets all buffs, low latency and such + it sets player skill lvl higher. the latency alone can cause u lose good dps. around 400ms latency, i lost about 15k ~ 18k dps
    I got like 40-50ms and on Malkorok i got like hm 10 fps. I just wonder why there is so much diffrence between me and ohter BM hunter since it looks like we made same many shots etc. :/

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    Got like 170k yesterday. would like help for improvements!

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    Spec Survival
    Item Level 566
    Expectations: Idk... doing more than I do right now?
    Armory Link:
    Worldoflogs Link: [Malkorok HC trys]

    I use Fever instead of dire beast
    First 8 or so trys I used blink strikes instead of aMoc

    I really want to know whether I do enough dps for my gear or not... Especially my opener makes me think that I'm not giving 100% since sometimes I go above 800k and then the next try I barely hit 650k

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    Sniper, that is perfectly normal. You are going to have big swings like that as SV bc of crit strings, and whether you get lucky on Lock and Load procs. For your gear, you are doing solid. Looking at your logs (although I must admit maybe I missed something, not entirely familiar with warcraft logs yet) it looks like the only reason you had a couple big attempts and then lesser ones is bc you have a couple attempts with back to back to back lock and load procs. If anything, I would talk to your boomkin about stepping up dps. Under 200k for his ilvl is pretty bad. In my opinion I think you are doing solid dps for your ilvl, and you are forcing your other dps to step it up. Keep it up.

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    Dear all,

    Currently my gear is 559 without cloak. My raid are at 2/14 H (Immerseus , Norushen)

    Here is my Armory


    I really need advice for Imerseus. I saw a lot of logs that do a lot of AOE dmg from adds any advice on that??

    Last week i was on duty to clear the stack from boss so i didnt do much AOE but this week i think i will ask for killing adds role please advice me how i should do this

    COuld you please check my Norushen as well, what should i improve or anything. Please give me advice. im cunrrently under raid monitoring cause i have highest gear i lvl and should do better (WHich i dunno how )
    Please advice me on anything

    Here's my log for Norushen H. I went in the orb as 3rd DPS


    If you have some time please navigate my log and advice me as well

    Thank you all
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    Spec Survival
    Item Level 575
    Expectations: Looking to reach around 400k on Protectors
    Armory Link:
    Worldoflogs Link:

    This is possibly not the right place for this. My dps isn't so much broken as not as high as I'd like. The logs for Protectors are a bit old as I've be sitting/we forgot to turn on logs for the past few weeks. I'm looking for general tips on how to increase cleave damage, if going BM would help I'd be willing to give that a go. In the logs I'm using GT, would switching to barrage make that big of a difference? I've noticed that one of the other hunter's cloak damage tends to smash mine, is that something to try and control or is it jut luck? Right now for cleave I'm just mulitshotting for serpent's spread and when I have extra focus, other wise its ES and AS if the multishot would hit 3 or less targets and SS doesn't need a refresh. I also prioritize ES over multishot with LnL up. I'm guessing some part of that isn't optimal. Advice appreciated, maths to go with it are super awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aldarana View Post
    Spec Survival
    Item Level 575
    Expectations: Looking to reach around 400k on Protectors

    Did a quick comparison between my last protectors log and yours ( I am by no means exceptional at Protectors, I feel like it is among my worse fights as well. )

    One thing is for sure, Barrage is better than GT on this fight, simply because of the many phases where you can damage all the adds, I did around 3 million more damage with barrage than you did with GT. I also run Crows on this fight, mainly cause I don't see a good reason to switch to blink strikes here as survival. You also cast a lot more arcane shots, where you could perhaps have cast multishots, since you can often hit at least all three bosses with it. Your uptime on Black Arrow also seems a tad low, (mine is far from perfect as well), so perhaps you are reapplying it when a boss is about to enter their desperate measures phase, when you should rather simply apply BA to a secondary boss that will be up during the phase. This will obviously let BA do more damage, but also keeps the LnL procs coming.

    Can't think of anything more at the moment, just keep positioning in mind and don't be shy to multishot more, with TotH procs it isn't that much more expensive than an arcane shot and can do more in most cases.

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    Switch to Barrage. Position yourself in a way where Barrage will his as many targets as possible.
    Multi-shot more, spread it around if there's separate clumps of mobs at any point.
    Run Murder of Crows instead of Blink Strikes, near the end of the fight, put AMoC on a sub 20% target if it's in no danger of dying.
    Don't overlap BA on one target.

    If your tanks do a good job of keeping everything clumped, you should be aiming for 450K or higher.

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    Sorry if my question has been answered already but 39 pages is a lot to sift through.
    I couldn't find any spec stickies for MM as OP had suggested so ...
    In all the MM guides I can find, I don't see any mention of the level 90 talents.
    I've come to the conclusion that Powershot is the least preferable - Barrage is ideal for AoE and Glaive Toss is usually the all-rounder.
    My main focus is just single-target right now and I'm fairly certain I have the priority system for MM pinned down. So with Glaive Toss, do I just hit it off CD?

    Another question is, during Careful Aim range with Rapid Fire, I know that I only cast Aimed Shot, but do I steady shot twice for Steady Focus before I hit RF and go into AiS spam or do I ignore Steady Focus during the time Rapid Fire is up?
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    Spec Survival
    Item Level 572
    Expectations: Just looking for clarification on something
    Armory Link:
    Worldoflogs Link:

    I'm not sure, but something seems wrong with my pets basic melee attacks, and I really don't know what it is, or if there even is something wrong. The link I put in is for our Malkorok kill last night, Maxterchief is also survival, and running AMoC while I run Blink Strikes (I know I should use AMoC, but that's not the point.) On a majority of these pulls though, and this kill, his pets doing more melee damage than mine, which I don't get. Mines doing more damage, but his is attacking more often. On some of the pulls it looked like it was almost doing double the amount of melee swings as mine, and I just don't understand what would even cause this.

    Normally I would just figure it was no big deal, but when my pet only did 8,933,029 damage from melee hits, and his did 15,807,006... It just seems weird to me.

    I assumed it may have been because of him using the glyph of stampede, but I'm actually not sure if blink strikes buffs stampede pet damage. If it did though, that would put my total melee from pets at 16,155,541 damage, which doesn't seem right either.

    Hopefully I'm just being crazy, and someone can point out to me if I am.

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    What's so confusing about the numbers? Your pet + Stampede contributed 22.9M damage vs his 20M. His AMoC did 4.6M. Seems about right to me

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    so much fixing of stuff ._.

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    just recently picked up my hunter and wondering if someone could help me analyse what I'm doing and what i could improve.
    what i picked up from the log was that I only used one potion(ninja pull from army of the dead). but assuming a second potion where should i stack it? during second stampede? or in this case execute heroism? is there a priority? uptimes on srs/ba looks decent(?) maybe i could've used more AS? any comment / tips are appreciated

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    Survival 520

    just picked this toon up for the next xpac and I can not do anywhere near the dps I need to.
    Opener priority
    -01: Potion + Rapid Fire + Glaive Toss Black Arrow
    +00: Explosive Shot Explosive Shot
    +01: Black Arrow Kill Shot
    +02: Stampede Glaive Toss
    +03: Serpent Sting Serpent Sting
    +04: Fervor + Arcane Shot Arcane Shot
    +05: Arcane Shot AMoC
    +06: Explosive Shot Arcane Shot
    +07:AMoC Cobra Shot

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    Just want to improve in any way I can

    Black Arrow
    Rapid Fire
    Explosive Shot
    Serpent Sting
    Cobra Shot
    Dire Beast
    Glaive Toss
    Cobra Shot
    Arcane Shot

    The rest of the time I try to repeatedly alternate explosive shot with arcane shot/cobra or whatever is off cooldown.

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    Sup Guys!

    I'm pretty happy with my DPS, but I know I'm not perfect. Just want some insight. Anything to keep in mind? A heads up? Anything I'm doing wrong? Anything I need to change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbsolutVodka View Post
    Sup Guys!

    I'm pretty happy with my DPS, but I know I'm not perfect. Just want some insight. Anything to keep in mind? A heads up? Anything I'm doing wrong? Anything I need to change?
    ' (Iron Juggernaut)

    Uptime of 72.7% on Black Arrow is kinda bad and is prolly your weakest link DPS-wise (the other being generally low Explosive count which is a direct result of that low Black Arrow uptime) - with your CDR trinket you should be able to maintain 95%+ on Black Arrow pretty easily - keep an eye on your Haromm's proc, don't use Black Arrow on cooldown, just wait it out till the last second and hope for a trinket proc. Getting a strong Black Arrow going as much as possible and being aware of your trinket procs is a good tip. Similarly, Serpent Sting uptime is only 81%. It does pretty decent damage as Surv, and you're not spamming other abilities (like AS/KC with BW as BM) that should let it drop.

    You got some unlucky gear - a lot of pieces are forcing you to reforge into Crit. Get Norushen offspec legs ASAP and get tier shoulders - get Thok's necklace asap.

    Consider going BM soon with all the haste you have on your gear, though, because that's where it'll help out (Haste is good for BM AoE/Cleave and a lot of your dmg is that Beast Cleave).

    Your opener is something like:


    The thing is, your trinket usually proc right on the get-go from the Serpent Sting cast, and if not that, then almost definitely the Explosive Shot - by delaying AMOC (30s duration) and Stamp (20s) as much as you do, you don't let them get the maximum benefit from your trinket procs.

    I'd consider going something like:

    Stampede + RF + Everything basically
    (Cobra Shot) - might not be needed depending on when BL is popped/crits.
    Black Arrow (now trinket-amplified most likely)
    Explosive Shot
    Glaive Toss

    And continue as normal.

    EDIT: Disregard most of the above, I see you're stacking far away in phase 2, explains the Black Arrow uptime.. The opener stuff is still relevant though. My bad. ;c
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    Quote Originally Posted by AbsolutVodka View Post
    Sup Guys!

    I'm pretty happy with my DPS, but I know I'm not perfect. Just want some insight. Anything to keep in mind? A heads up? Anything I'm doing wrong? Anything I need to change?
    This fight is awesome as BM. because -

    1) on defensive pet can stay on boss giving ur more than 60% active dps

    2) being out of range, u can still target boss and cast KC

    As surv, during defensive, u r effectively staring at the boss.

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    Why do 25man heroic raiders do significantly more than 10hm?

    I avg ~93 percentile in 10hm, but it seems like that won't be shit in 25hm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azortharion View Post
    It does pretty decent damage as Surv, and you're not spamming other abilities (like AS/KC with BW as BM) that should let it drop.
    Unless he gets amazing amazing rng from his 4p and gets to spend the majority of LnL's 12 second proc spamming explosive shot. I've actually let black arrow and SS drop numerous times because of amazing 4p rng.

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