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    Heya and good evening all!

    My armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...utora/advanced - 402 ilvl, survival spec

    The problem: I tried to figure out my problem by myself, just by reading all the guides and testing them in raid, but I realize I really need help from you guys. Basically my dps is..I would not say really that low, but compared to my gear its not optimal. Lots of people told me I should pull much more dps, because what im doing currently is not equal to my equip. Im sure Im doing something really wrong, but I dont know what exactly - otherwise I cannot explain to myself why are players with -5ilvl or lower doing more damage than me. My big trouble no. 1 is movement - especially bosses like Hagara and Warmaster. I also had a speak with a few top hunters on my realm, some of them gave me a great advices (weapon swapping on Hagara e.g), but some of them were like "girls cant play wow what do you want blah blah blah".
    I also know I have bad trinket - but I have never seen Vial or Compass drop, while I was on my hunter. *sad panda*

    Expactations: I would be happy to pull about +/- 5k more.

    Madness of Dw HC: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/z...?s=2216&e=3088
    Morchok HC:http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/n.../?s=854&e=1007
    Yorsahj HC: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/n...?s=1287&e=1677
    Zonozz HC: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/n...?s=3199&e=3516
    Hagara HC:http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/n...?s=4273&e=4693
    Ultrax HC:http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/n...?s=5040&e=5290
    Warmaster HC:http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/n...?s=5514&e=5853

    Thank you very much for your time!
    Since you're in PvP gear its hard to comment on the gearing, but just from the Ultraxion log I can see the following:
    - Your ES is hitting for a very low amount, you're on 12081.6 average tick (hit) while mine is at 14085.1. This either means your gear is alot worse (but shouldn't be 15% as you're 402 vs my 406, using 403 vish at the time) or you were missing a buff/debuff.
    - I'm on more ES ticks than you, while I had a 20 sec faster kill (meaning you should have at least 9 more ticks). We both had 4 fading lights, so thats not the issue (unless you're wasting time pressing the button too early). I also saw you having 11 LnL procs vs only 9 of me, which makes this even worse! You are either clipping LnL procs or slow / not saving focus for ES.
    - Your number of cobra shots is lower than mine (66 vs 63 while again you had 20 more seconds)
    - Your number of arcane shots is higher than mine, this probably means you are spending focus on it when you should be saving it for ES? Ever notice you lacked focus while ES was off CD? If so, this is your problem.
    - You got 6KS vs 8KS for me, depends a bit on how fast it goes down, but might also have to do with prioritization (and you should have more time there since your kill was slower).

    The other encounters are a bit harder to judge since they depends alot on wether or not you're swapping properly etc.
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    Hey all, I'm trying to help a hunter in my raid team to improve. He's really down about not competing with the rest of us. He's been making excuses to not come.
    His damage is overall low and isn't privy to particular fights but he seems to struggle on intricate fights.
    Here's an ultraxion parse.

    He plays with the pretty standard Survival spec. I just can't quite see it. Is he just slow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talindra View Post
    Hey all, I'm trying to help a hunter in my raid team to improve. He's really down about not competing with the rest of us. He's been making excuses to not come.
    His damage is overall low and isn't privy to particular fights but he seems to struggle on intricate fights.
    Here's an ultraxion parse.

    He plays with the pretty standard Survival spec. I just can't quite see it. Is he just slow?
    I see a couple of problems just by looking at his armory. There are a few things wrong with both his spec and his pets spec as well as reforging issues and a few glyphs that should be changed. In his current setup with the buffs provided on that Ultrax log femaledwarf is siming him at around 45k DPS. If he were to fix his spec and reforge, according to the sim he should gain around 1.7k DPS.

    First of all he should move his points out of Careful Aim and into Sick 'Em. Sick 'Em is a rather large dps boost over Careful Aim and one of the reasons his pet isn't doing as much damage as it should be; I'll go over the other reasons a little later. I would also suggest moving his points out of Entrapment and into Hunter Vs Wild. Entrapment is virtually useless this tier of raiding. The extra 10% hp from Hunter Vs Wild on the other hand will be a boon on your healers if you are still progressing in DS; especially given that hunters are very squishy. Now on to his pet's spec. At current ilvls it is a DPS increase to put two points into Wild Hunt rather than putting one into Wild Hunt and one into Shark Attack. I will note that this was not the case in previous tiers and he probably didn't know to switch the spec. There are also some major problems with his reforges. Survival hunters do not benefit from haste nearly as much as marksman hunters do. In fact we only want 758 haste; the soft cap where we can cast three Cobra Shots in between each Explosive Shot. Any more than that is just going to waste. Now in current gear it is actually impossible to get that low, but you do want to get as low as you can. He should be able to turn about 500 of those points in haste into a few hundred crit and maybe some mastery. I'd recommend using a reforging tool to handle the reforges. The last change he needs to make is with his glyphs. Currently he is using Glyph of Serpent Sting. Switching that out for Glyph of Arcane Shot is nearly a 300 DPS difference. And while it won't affect DPS at all I suggest picking up Glyph of Raptor Strike. This late in the game it's not really necessary, but it will help out healers immensely if you are still progressing in DS (Just be sure to only use it when there is high raid damage like on madness while killing Blistering Tentacles or during head phase). I will also link my armory as an example of what a proper spec and reforge looks like for reference.


    Now onto the actual log you provided. I'll provide one of my recent logs for reference as well.


    The first thing I noticed looking at his log was how low his pet's DPS was on that kill. If you compare it to mine his pet did nearly half the DPS that my pet did. Looking at the log he has Dash enabled which is a no-no on this fight. Pet's cast it on CD even though they won't be moving the entire fight. It looks like his pet used Dash 6 times over the course of the fight which means that 180 focus was wasted. The next thing I noticed was that his pet was not casting Rabid. For some reason on this fight pet's don't autocast Rabid so you have to macro it into your abilities. Personally I macro it into Cobra Shot and use that macro on this fight. Those changes along with respecing his pet should bump up his pet's DPS.

    Looking at his DPS right now a lot of things are catching my eye. The first thing I am noticing is that he is letting Serpent Sting drop. He had to recast it twice, which not only lowers his DPS from dropping Serpent Sting in the first place but also lowers his DPS because he is having to spend GCDs on recasting it and even more DPS from the focus he is wasting on recasting it. He only had an 83% up-time on Serpent Sting and it should be near 100%. Because of the 10% damage bonus that Survival gets from targets affected by Serpent Sting it should always be his opening shot at the start of fights. The next thing I noticed is the number of Explosive Shots he cast. Even though my log is 1:31 seconds shorter than the one you provided he only cast 7 more Explosive Shots than I did. He also cast 1 less Cobra Shot than I did and 8 less Arcane Shots. The fact that he's casting less shots than me in a fight that was a minute and a half longer tells me that he is wasting a lot of time doing not casting anything. That's the first thing that he needs to work on. The only real suggestion I'll make is for him to make sure he is always doing something and to make sure that he always has enough focus for Black Arrow and Explosive Shot when they come off CD. The Survival guide that is stickied here will also help him to get the rotation down. A few quick things I noticed is that he only used one potion instead of two. He should get a pre-pot and a potion during the fight. Also he only used Berserking once even though it's only a three minute CD and could have used it twice.

    Ancillary to what I've already mentioned, I noticed while looking at your log that you cast BL near the end of the fight. Everyone will get a significant DPS gain if it is cast at the start of the fight and healers shouldn't need it at this stage in the game.

    I hope my analysis helps and here's looking to his improvement!

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    I have been looking for something Like this on Warmaster...thanks so much.

    ---------- Post added 2012-08-22 at 05:39 AM ----------

    Spec: SV
    Item Level: 408
    Expectations: Ranking
    Armory Link: us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Fox%C3%BF/simple
    Worldoflogs Link:
    Morchok: worldoflogs.com/reports/ic0oqpv8l7m3npsl/sum/damageDone/?s=323&e=451
    Zonozz: worldoflogs.com/reports/w0qfuv5ueaxykom7/sum/damageDone/?s=3519&e=3755
    Yorsaj: worldoflogs.com/reports/w0qfuv5ueaxykom7/sum/damageDone/?s=4052&e=4388
    Hagara: worldoflogs.com/reports/u0ay52rqc6d26nhc/sum/damageDone/?enc=bosses&boss=55689
    Ultraxion: worldoflogs.com/reports/w0qfuv5ueaxykom7/sum/damageDone/?s=5482&e=5698
    Warmaster: worldoflogs.com/reports/w0qfuv5ueaxykom7/sum/damageDone/?enc=bosses&boss=56427
    Spine: worldoflogs.com/reports/ic0oqpv8l7m3npsl/sum/damageDone/?enc=bosses&boss=53879
    Madness: worldoflogs.com/reports/ic0oqpv8l7m3npsl/sum/damageDone/?enc=bosses&boss=56173

    Femaledwarf Link: femaledwarf.com/?setting_id=75053

    I’m a little embarrassed to post with as much experience as I have, but bottom line I should be ranking with the two new additions to my gear. I’m positive I should be doing more DPS and I want to correct any issues I have before going into MoP, so at this point I’m not afraid to ask for help. Please take a look and let me know what major issues you recognize in any of the fights I’d posted. Also, I did H FL last night so the points in entrapment are usually in HvW and I didn’t reset them before I logged off. I don’t have vial but I have heroic trinkets. Please let me know your thoughts and thanks for helping. Alt code for my name is alt 152.

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    Help me with my DPS

    Spec: Beast Mastery
    Item Level 462
    Expectations: Around 40k Dps
    Armory Link: us.battle.net/wow/en/character/mugthol/Coonce/simple

    "Single Target"
    So I'm having major problems keeping up my dps up at 40k it stays at around 28-35k and wont stay a constant 40k+

    "My Rotation"

    Single Target Priority:
    Hunter's Mark
    Serpent Sting
    Kill Command on cooldown.
    Kill Shot if target is below 20% health.
    Focus Fire at 5 stacks of Frenzy
    Arcane Shot
    Cobra Shot

    This is on a Dummy not in a raid with all my buffs. But i have to test infront of them on a dummy and hit about 40k DPS

    All of my Armour has been reforged and gemed the best i can.
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    Hi fellow hunters. Our Raid today didn't do so well on Garajal. It was last second kill and i'd like to improve my dmg further to make this fight easier for us. Could anyone of you number geeks help me out?
    Here is the log: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/1...e=5778#Sakrell
    Here is my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/characte...Sakrell/simple

    Belt Buckel with better stones comes tommorow.
    I reforged for Crit and Mastery from Haste.

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    Is it normal to have 21k DPS while having 440Ilvl? (level 90)

    I dont have any gems, reforging. potions.. food.. etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by arska7 View Post
    Is it normal to have 21k DPS while having 440Ilvl? (level 90)

    I dont have any gems, reforging. potions.. food.. etc
    With that amount of effort I'd say you're on par.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhryke View Post
    With that amount of effort I'd say you're on par.
    Well.. I just wanted to ask if that was okay DPS for that ilvl? if not then i make another huge post of every detail of what im doing

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    Sup BM hunter here doing 10man raids.

    Armory: EU armory search for ghnator cant post links,
    ilvl: 471
    Expectations: ~70k dps
    Reality: 49-52k DPS without cds in 10man Mogushan Vaults pushing 90k with cds.
    Rotation: Hunter's Mark Maintain debuff. Serpent Sting Apply once. Refresh with Cobra Shot. Focus Fire with 5 Frenzy. Kill Command on cooldown. Kill Shot Target below 20%Health. Glaive Toss on cooldown. Arcane Shot Dump excess Focus. Cobra Shot Build Focus.

    got no worlds of logs sry.

    Is this normal for ilvl 471 hunters in 10mans? cuz i think its kind of low.

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    my dps seems to really suck atm, partiuclarly on Elegon and especially when compared to our other hunters. any tips would be appreciated. I cant see why im 10-15% down on the others.

    Spec BM
    Item Level 471
    Expectations: 100k ish on Elegon 70kish on Emperor
    Armory Link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...k/Skurn/simple
    Worldoflogs Link:
    Elegon http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=5745&e=6325
    Will of Emperor http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...s=9692&e=10408
    Femaledwarf Link:

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    Hi Guys, another Surv here struggling to adapt to MoP.

    Pre MoP i seemed to fair pretty well in both raids/ dungs etc and now i cant seem to get myself of near the bottom of the tables.

    Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...r/Mozzy/simple

    DPS: 40k in general

    Not too sure where im going wrong, im using the same rotation i did previously, the one thing iv noticed is i dont get many explosive shots procs and its not even in my top 3 dmging abilities used.

    People say Surv scales well with gear but it should be more than this shouldnt it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mozza View Post
    Not too sure where im going wrong, im using the same rotation i did previously, the one thing iv noticed is i dont get many explosive shots procs and its not even in my top 3 dmging abilities used.
    This is where you are doing something wrong assuming its a single target fight, keep BA/Explosive trap (multiple stationary targets) up and use ES on cooldown.

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    Hello fellow hunters!
    I don't consider myself a good hunter, nor do I know a lot about them so I came here with a question about my dps.
    I am currently doing around 30k dps while I see hunters with less gear pull way much DPS
    My stats:
    Spec: Beastmaster
    iLVL: 461
    Expectations: ~50k
    Armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Skirash/simple Link:
    World of Logs: Never used this tool Link:
    Female dwarf: Never used this tool:
    I would appreciate some help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joyful View Post
    This is where you are doing something wrong assuming its a single target fight, keep BA/Explosive trap (multiple stationary targets) up and use ES on cooldown.
    I pretty much do that when i can so im not sure thats the problem.

    Did you check my gear/ gems/ reforge etc to see if they are ok? not exactly sure i have enough crit.

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    Hey there, never would have thought I would be here looking for advice on my char but I have noticed a severe lack in performance at the moment.
    Just did a 4 min round on a dummy to see what my sustained dps is and I seem to be able to hold it between 38 and 40k with 5.37 million done in the 4 mins.

    But when I take my char to any sort of raid enviornment I seem to be sub par and not able to break 30k consistently.

    Here is my char at the moment :- http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...icfeind/simple

    I know I shouldnt be hitting the 70-80k sustained but I do feel I should be doing a lot better than I am currently

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    giving it another try..

    Spec: Survival
    iLVL: 472
    Expectations: ~70k
    Armory: Ghnator on Twilight's Hammer EU cant link yet-.-
    World of Logs: never used
    Female dwarf: Never used

    Doing normal rotation starting with hunters mark BA - SS - ES - AS and regain focus/refreshing SS when needed with CS popping aMoC stampede and rapid fire on burst going ~100k and then my normal dps is around ~50k in my 10man raid runs.

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    my hunter is reforged, jemed and chanted properly. in world of logs im comparing myself to other top ranking hunters who out dps me. after comparing logs to my character i see that all my spells are hitting for less than other hunters even though they have less stats than me in every regard. im hoping someone can help me figure this problem out or offer suggestions to help me increase my overall damage. im unable to pst links atm so if anyone takes the time to look my character is


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    I am a guildmate of Cerenity (who posted above me) and I can post a WoL link for him:

    This is from a H Feng attempt


    I think he's survival in the that log, btw

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    Try to get your hit/exp caps as close as possible, your exp is uncomfortably high, though your stat priority looked fine. Gem and enchant the rest of the gear! Your current gemming is a bit inconsistent too; you go for the crit bonus on one piece but skip a hit bonus on the other. In general the only bonuses worth going for are agi ones.

    Get those gems and enchants. Your reforging could use some work also, you have some odd reforges like crit to haste even, and you're nowhere near decent hit/exp values. Go for crit where you can and mastery otherwise, out of haste.

    You're reforged out of a ton of crit atm, try to dip into other stats instead when possible. Drop the green gem and the orange exp gem, try to instead reach your caps with reforging and use agi gems unless the socket has an agi bonus.

    Swap that gem in the shoulder for an agi-crit (unless you have other shoulders and just logged out in those). You have a lot of stats reforged into exp but it's 1% over cap, try to get that as close to 7.5% as you can.

    (For everyone) In general, I would really recommend using a reforge site or addon to help you get as close as possible to caps and maximize your most important stats.
    Also, try to set up a wol account and upload parses if nobody else in your raids do. Learning to read logs (or just having them for others like us to look at!) is a very useful thing.

    First thing is that you had no pet! That's easily 10k+ dps right there. I once had mine get stuck behind the gate that blocks off the entrance once you pull, so watch out for that if that was the case. Also, an upgraded bow is a huge dps increase, the 489 bow easily adds 2k+ damage to your shots from a 463 weapon, so don't be surprised at the damage gap even in similar gear. I checked a few top sv parses on that fight and your shot percentages mostly seemed to line up. Your crows damage was lower than other logs, and sure enough you basically clipped the whole first application after you cast it again with readiness. aMoC doesn't overlap at all so you have to wait for it to fall off of the target before reapplying it. Also, your first black arrow wasn't cast at all until a bit later in the fight. You should cast that in your opener so that it will be reset by readiness. Once again, you should delay that until the first one falls off as well since it doesn't stack.

    ---------- Post added 2012-10-19 at 02:44 PM ----------

    Saw that this one hadn't been looked at.
    Take a look at your Elegon kill, you seemed to be keeping up with your other hunters just fine, until the final burn phase where your damage dropped to absolutely nothing, though it shows no death on the log. That last burn makes up for a lot of damage (just look at the spike of everyone else's dps) since it has the highest debuff stack, and you had no damage on it then. Other than that, it looks like you would have been okay. To maximize damage on that fight, just make sure you're saving your 2nd readiness and stampede for the final burn.
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