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    [Shadow] General "Help my DPS" Thread

    As the "rate the shadow priest above you" thread basicly have become a place where you ask others for help with your gear I thought I could atempt to gather all the "Halp me plz" threads and thoughs in one single thread where we all will try help each others as much as possible

    What to post here:
    "What do I do wrong?"

    What not to ask:
    "How do you guys do on sons of flame on rag?"

    Try to post the following in your post when asking for help:

    1. Armory link. If you can't post links yet, tell us if you are on the US or european realms, your character name and server and someone will mostly link it for you!
    2. WoLs. World of logs (or something like it) does wonder when you try to help someone, you will get the most throughout help if you can provide it.
    3. Raiding Progress. Help alot when gear upgreades are sugested for you.
    4. Possibillity of getting DI. DI is a huge thing in cataclysm for us shadow priests and can change the whole setup in your gear.
    5. Do you want to be hit capped or not? Some want to, some don't care and aim for more mastery and haste instead.
    6. Possibilly of buying expencive uppgrades. This is the most usual advice for new shadow priests: "Buy this and that", let us know if it's an option or not.

    The more of the things you fill in of these above the better help you will get. we haev alot of good shadow priests in here that is more than willing to help new or unsecure players (read: we want to brag with our skillz).

    And I'm going to be so selfish that I'm going to ask for a sticky on this thread as it then could serve as a kinda "read through if you are thinking over different gear choises and what not"-thread.
    I will probably do a mini FAQ with the most commonly asked questions later so we don't have to scroll through page after page to find you question.

    Yours sincerely

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    Sorry buddy, I have one in the tubes that will be out tomorrow latest Appreciate effort on it though

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