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    [H] Dath'Remar <Conclave>10M Recruiting 6/7H Pre-Nerf

    We are actively looking to add the following to our ranks:

    1 x Resto Shaman (with elemental offspec)


    2 x Hunter

    However even if you do not meet the above class criteria we accept all applications and review them on a regular basis.

    How to Apply!

    All applicants must meet our minimum pre-requisities displayed on our application page.

    Apply now @ http://www.guildconclave.net/

    Or contact a guild officer in game for more information:
    Morruin, Bitts, Sudeki, Kailone, Sarkky
    or raid leaders:
    Spiritforged, Manatwar, Xenocide, Mella, Grymreaper

    Who is Conclave?

    Conclave is a well respected mature Horde Guild playing on the Oceanic Dath’Remar server. We are the longest serving guild on the server and we are committed to a stable and enjoyable gaming experience. We are a high-end PvE raiding guild consisting of guildies from all over the world. Our roots began in Molten Core and our many years of experience has us at 6/7 Heroic in 10 man Firelands currently pushing a Heroic Ragnaros kill. We are looking to add the above classes to our ranks in order to hit the upcoming Dragon Soul raid with full force and really compete for the server first kills.

    We have 4 10 man teams currently running for Cataclysm. We have a relaxed raiding commitment as raiders are only required to attend a minimum of 2 raids per week. This policy allows all guildies the ability to balance other commitments but still experience high end raiding in Azeroth.

    Why Conclave?

    We have many benefits that enhance our enjoyable social and raiding experience:

    - We are stable. We have been running as a guild since the launch of the game.
    - Raid leaders with many years of extensive experience.
    - Our Raiders have repair costs covered by the guild bank.
    - Our guild bank is continually stocked up with raiding materials (flasks, potions, gems, BoE's, etc) available to Raider ranked guildies.
    - Extensive in-house access to profession patterns (ie: jemcutting, enchanting, etc). No need to look elsewhere!
    - Family friendly policies regarding family/friend invites to the guild.
    - Facebook groups, guild meet ups, and very active forums visited by current and previous guildies.
    - Having a larger focus on the social side of the game means we know how to have fun.
    - Widespread community originating from many different countries, guys & gals, young & old, wise & ... not so wise!

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    Still need an exceptional hunter for H rag work. Currently working on P3, getting past P2 (supposedly hardest on 10M) with ease nearly 90% of attempts.

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    Working on phase 4, 10 minute or so mark. Still need an exceptional hunter for more H rag work. Kill inc!

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