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    I recently started taking my priest more seriously and started raiding heroics a couple weeks ago on it. I like it so far but it still feels kind of unfamiliar. I'm wondering if my dps is up to par with my gear or if maybe I should be squeezing a few k more out; there just aren't any really good shadow priests I know of on my server to refer to.

    Here's my priest:

    I went with this boss and kill just because it was one of the few attempts that didn't seem to have retardation running rampant in the group.

    I felt like I did most things right, think I may have messed up a bit with mind spiking. Any critiques or help at all are greatly appreciated, I love constructive criticism. =)

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    396, Lyviwel at Goldrinn (can't post link yet..)
    Doing ~30k on patchwerk style fights.
    Is this normal, or I should be doing more?
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    The only thing I'm questioning is the lowish haste choice. I'm aware that's a plateau with DI, but I personally continue to stack haste quite high and haven't tried reforging to mastery. Also, Lavawalker for boots would be nice, and a Reckless Lava Coral for those boots as well if they're cheap on your server or have an extreme quantity of them like my guild has.
    Reforging fun to be exactly hit capped (AKA I’m bored!):,Spi:0.01 (2454 Haste, 1678 Mastery, 862 Crit),Spi:0.01 (2548 Haste, 1696 Mastery, 750 Crit),Spi:0.01 (2555 Haste, 1607 Mastery, 834 Crit),Spi:0.01 (2598 Haste, 1646 Mastery, 750 Crit),Spi:0.01 (2725 Haste, 1438 Mastery, 831 Crit),Spi:0.01 (3154 Haste, 1090 Mastery, 750 Crit)

    You're logged out in Holy gear right now =[ So I can't critique anything regarding your Shadow set, nor do I know your Shadow item level.
    The Ultraxion log appears to be pretty fine, though the damage is a bit on the low side (but I can't gauge where it should be since I don't know your gear), but I see you lack DI in that LFR.

    Shadow Word: Death. Use it. I’m glancing through some of your logs, and you have NO Shadow Word: Death usage. I can understand people avoiding to use it before getting T13 2set, but you have a 4set so the damage coming back from SWeath isn't a problem. You should be using this on CD on bosses sub 25%. Your damage is indeed low. At your gear, You should be pulling well over 30k, closer to the 30-40k range. I do sympathize though that your group is not very caster friendly, lacking many buffs to increase your DPS.
    * H Morchok: Try to improve your VT uptime a bit more, ideally to 95% uptime if you're not doing the Mind Spike + Mind Blast rotation.
    * H Yor'sahj: VT uptime is quite low on this. There's a full minute and 36 seconds where VT isn't on the boss. Fix this. I can understand dots maybe fall when you go kill globules, but try and make sure you have fresh dots on the boss when you go out to kill the glob. And I assumed you had 0 black phases because you had no Mind Sear. I was wrong. You actually had about 3-4 sets of Forgotten Ones. Why did you not Mind Sear? This is our AoE, and it's very strong at that. We have one of the easiest AoE spells in the game, you can just Mind Sear off of a tank and sit back and relax and watch as Mind Sear skyrockets to probably one of your top damage spells. Obviously if there was no black phase, there would have been no reason to Mind Sear. You have 10k damage done on the adds (0.1%), which is essentially nothing. Even your Disc Priest and Resto Shaman (via Ret Aura) have more damage on the adds. Get on the adds.
    * H Zon'ozz: I was noticing in your logs that you Improved Devouring Plague damage generally seems to be pretty high, sometimes on par with actual Devouring Plague damage. Are you spamming it a lot? Spamming it a bit while moving can be understandable but definitely not otherwise. Refresh when time is ticking down. Dot uptime is low here again, try to improve on keeping your dots up.
    * H Hagara: I will not critique this one seeing as you died, so I can’t accurately gauge your damage here.
    * H Ultraxion: Err, are you using Mind Spike when Shadowfiend isn’t up? You seem to have a lot of Mind Spikes (46 total), and the damage on them seems low, too low for 3 orb Mind Spikes.
    These are my last two H Ultraxion kills. My normal Mind Spikes average 48k / 45k and crits average 97k / 113k. This is compared to your 25k average normal and 58k average crits. Don’t use the MS + MB rotation without your SF up. Follow the normal rotation.
    * Blackhorn: VT uptime is far too low at a measly 39.2%. I understand there’s downtime during the fight, waiting for new drakes to land or something. But VT uptime is significantly lower than your other dots, so the excuse that there was downtime is therefore null. This fight is good for Shadow Priests and cheesing numbers a bit, since we are able to multidot everything (dots on both drakes primarily, and both adds as well, then both Goriona and Blackhorn in Phase 2).
    * Spine: Your overall uptime is just plain low at 57.1%. Maybe everyone’s already doing too much damage and everything is dying too fast with the 30% nerf and you then decided to sit back and not DPS much (hell I do this in LFR all the time =P). Not sure on the situation, so I won’t critique.
    * Madness: Madness is another great fight for cheesing numbers, especially when you hit Cataclysm (which probably isn’t likely in normal Madness at this point with the nerfs). Even so, multidotting is very strong. I have dots constantly rolling on everything (except when I’m not supposed to put damage on something). You also have 0 Mind Sear damage here again, which is a little mind blowing. I love Mind Searing the adds just to cheese more numbers! Plus you shouldn’t be relying on everyone else to do the AoE. You should be AoEing as well. There is no reason that you shouldn’t be. Look at your Spellweave damage compared to everyone else. Your Spellweave damage is at almost 200k, while some of your other raid members are at: 2.6 mil, 850k, 1.9 mil, 1.1 mil, 2.5 mil. I’m not encouraging to always be cheesing your numbers, but what I am encouraging is understanding certain mechanics, and using your spells appropriately (in this case, Mind Searing adds when you should be).

    You’re logged out in PvP gear, so I can’t really see where your gear is at right now, and you’re using a PvP spec. I will assume you know the proper spec and glyphs for PvE environments, but if not, please let me know and I’ll help you out with that.
    ~30k is rather low for 396k. It’s also hard to help you out without any WoL, as I can’t see your choice in spells and whatnot. I would aim for a good 35-40k at your item level. If you can get higher than that, then awesome ^^

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    Is MFclip still up to date when it comes to start casting Vampiric touch so it will continue after the last clip and you don't clip it? I feel I'm struggling to time my VT perfectly so that it won't lose any ticks. I put MFclip on my ui last week, but I'm kind of wondering !

    I've never been a calculation wonder to be fair, hence why I'm asking if anyone knows here. More of a visual kind of person due to attention issues ;p.
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    I've been struggling on getting my dps higher and it seems to just go backwards...
    Ilevel 400
    Banarx - Eu Aszune for armory

    tried alot of various workarounds to post a link to a WoL but failed. But you can find it from my armory if you look at my guild and server

    Thanks in advance!

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    Expectations: more dps on raid
    Armory Link:

    I would like to make a raid dps acceptable.
    try all kinds of guides and I had good results so far.

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    For people waiting on Feedback at this point it is sort of moot. With the 5.0 patch tomorrow a lot of things are going to be changing for us. Some helpful things to read to get ready for are:

    Priest Shadow DPS Guide
    Quick 5.0 Gear Guide
    MoP Hit Cap FAQ

    Those are probably the most consolidated bunches of info. Not all of it will apply just yet since we won't be level 90 yet, but most of it should be of a fair amount of help.

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