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    Holy Priest Talent Tree

    I am looking for some ideas on how other raiders will do there Holy talent Tree.

    If you don't mind link your talent tree

    Will you have one tree starting at lvl 85 then changing to a raid talent tree?

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    I am probably going to try out the following but may switch up my spec depending on the fight


    I like the synergy between from darkness comes light and serendipity and now that prayer of healing can proc divine insight i think this will make some potent AoE healing with cascade. The nice thing about the new talent trees is you can make pretty much anything work!

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    I see two "builds" I really want to try. PVE centric.

    The first one is really standard.
    T3 solace, T5 Power Infusion, T6 changed according to the fight.
    Basically, maximizing mana and minimizing downtime. This should fit my playstyle nicely.

    The second one is far more interesting, as provided by darkener in his PVP video.
    To get it, you really need to see this video.
    The main idea of the second build is to make a proc-builder spec, and abusing all those procs to the point of virtually never needing mana at all.
    T3 FDCL, T5 Divine Insight, and T6 again changed according to the fight. By rolling on a rotation of Serenity + SoL + Divine Insight procs. It's gonna be grand.

    But yeah, as noted by Markle, pretty much any build should work now. Don't worry too much, and experiment!
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    Are you talking about pre mop or post mop?

    For pre mop, anything will go really. Though I will be going with desperate prayer so I can void shift>heal back up to a safe level almost instantly. For the 75 talents, PI or DI, not sure which will be better. And I don't know how mana will be doing, so I would either go for mind blender or FDCL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambrodel View Post
    The third tier doesn't really save you from things like hour of twilight so I believe it will be useless. Desperate prayer is always good to heal yourself before anyone else can so thats + heal lol I would go with that for pve.

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    I would recommend going for Desperate Prayer on the 3rd tier. Makes less room for mistakes. Plus..if you use it with void shift it's one of the most great combo's.

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