Town Hall / Great Hall

The Town Hall / Great Hall is a central part of your garrison, where missions and building configurations are managed.

Upgrading your Town Hall / Great Hall to Level 3 costs 2000 Garrison Resources and 5000.

Each building in your garrison requires an appropriately sized plot.

  • Level 1 - 1 Large Plot and 1 Small Plot.
  • Level 2 - 1 Large Plot, 1 Medium Plot, 2 Small Plots, Mine, Herb Garden, Fishing Shack. Requires Level 92.
  • Level 3 - 2 Large Plots, 2 Medium Plots, 3 Small Plots, Mine, Herb Garden, Fishing Shack, Pet Menagerie.

Town Hall / Great Hall NPCs
Along with the Architect and Mission Specialist, there are a few other interesting NPCs.

  • Blueprints Vendor
    • Level 2 Small Buildings - 750
    • Level 2 Medium Buildings - 1000
    • Level 2 Large Buildings - 1500
    • Level 3 Buildings - 1000
  • Innkeeper - This NPC sells a few items to help with garrison invasions, as well as the Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning.
  • Chronicler - This NPC allows you to watch the cutscenes you see while leveling again.

Daily Mission
A choice between a two missions is given to you in your Town Hall / Great Hall every day, with solo missions rewarding 800 Apexis Crystal and group missions rewarding 1000 Apexis Crystal.

When you arrive at the area, you must fill a progress bar to 100% by killing mobs and interacting with objects in the area. Depending on the quest, mobs may give ~1 percent each while objects will give you ~2-3 percent each.

Interface Art

Level 1 Alliance Screenshots

Level 1 Horde Screenshots

Level 2 Alliance Screenshots

Level 2 Horde Screenshots

Level 3 Alliance Screenshots

Level 3 Horde Screenshots

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