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  • Crush - Oondasta crushes his current target, inflicting 500,000 Physical damage and reducing armor by 25% for 60 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Alpha Male - Oondasta seeks only the most hearty challengers, making him immune to taunts, but also increasing tank-specced players' threat against him by 100%.
  • Frill Blast - Oondasta's armor is more than just for decoration, and can charge up this powerful blast that inflicts 800,000 Fire damage to all players in a 60-yard hemisphere in front of Oondasta.
  • Growing Fury - Oondasta's rage grows as the fight progresses, increasing all damage by 10%. This effect stacks.
  • Piercing Roar - Oondasta unleashes a piercing roar, inflicting 200,000 Physical damage to all players and interrupting spell-casting, preventing spells of that school from being cast for 10 sec.
  • Spiritfire Beam - Oondasta fires a beam of spiritfire energy at a player, inflicting 150,000 Fire damage and jumping to a nearby ally. Up to 20 players can be affected, with damage increasing by 50% with each jump.
Loot Table
Level Type Spec Slot Name
40Mount Reins of the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn
522NeckTankNeck Lootraptor's Amulet
522FingerTankFinger Achillobator Ring
522NeckMeleeNeck Overcompensating Chain of the Alpha Male
522FingerMeleeFinger Ring of King Kangrom
522NeckSpell SpiritNeck Choker of Stygimolochy
522FingerSpell SpiritFinger Ring of Shamuru
522NeckPhysical DPSNeck Necklace of the Hazillosaurus
522FingerPhysical DPSFinger Forzarra's Last Meal
522NeckSpell DPSNeck Amulet of the Titanorex
522FingerSpell DPSFinger Eye of Oondasta
522ClothSpell SpiritChest Robes of Zalmoxes
522ClothSpell SpiritHands Gloves of Varsoon the Greater
522ClothSpell DPSChest Waistband of Elder Falcarius
522ClothSpell DPSWaist Girdle of Dimorphodontics
522ClothSpell DPSWaist Terrorful Weave
522ClothSpell DPSHands Gloves of Tyranomancy
522LeatherSpell SpiritChest Fancifully Frilled Tunic
522LeatherSpell SpiritWaist Belt of Crushed Dreams
522LeatherPhysical DPSChest Vest of the Bordomorono
522LeatherPhysical DPSWaist Girdle of the Derrodoccus
522LeatherPhysical DPSHands Gloves of Gastric Rumbling
522LeatherSpell DPSHands Gloves of Unliving Fossil
522MailSpell SpiritChest Mail of the Mosschopper
522MailSpell SpiritWaist Belt of the Arch Avimimus
522MailPhysical DPSChest Gorgoraptor Scale Chest
522MailPhysical DPSWaist Belt of the Dying Diemetradon
522MailPhysical DPSHands Therapsid Scale Gloves
522MailSpell DPSHands Orndo Mando's Gloves
522PlateTankChest Breastplate of the Iguanocolossus
522PlateTankWaist Voolar's Bloodied Belt
522PlateMeleeChest Tyrant King Battleplate
522PlateMeleeWaist Belt of the Tyrannotitan
522PlateMeleeHands Vulcanodon Gauntlets
522PlateMeleeHands Carnotaur Battlegloves
522PlateSpell SpiritChest Scorched Spiritfire Drape
522PlateSpell DPSWaist Waistband of Furious Stomping
522PlateSpell DPSHands Skullsmashing Gauntlets
Name Side Points Reward Category
Millions of Years of Evolution vs. My Fist Defeat Oondasta on the Isle of Giants.
Pandaria Raid
Oondasta Guild Run Defeat Oondasta on the Isle of Giants while in a raid with at least 8 guild members.
Pandaria Raid

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