Update - For the record, the international codes 009 and 041 only seems to appear on Blizzard's online games trademarks. This isn't a book or anything like that. It appears incredibly likely based on previous trademarks obtained by Blizzard that this is the next expansion.

Mists of Pandaria
Blizzard just trademarked a very interesting "Mists of Pandaria".

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  1. starkey's Avatar
    Skeeter: Hey Panda Bear! We don't take kindly to your types around here.
    Bartender: Now Skeeter, he ain't hurtin' nobody.
    Skeeter: No! I wanna know something from Mr. Panda Bear here. If you pandas are from mountainous areas of China and Tibet, how come you only eat bamboo which is prone to grow in dryer, more arid regions?
  1. Kashydan's Avatar
    Me gusta!
  1. Melilithia's Avatar
    *fangirl scream* YES, PANDAREN! Seems complicated, but I'm hopeful to see what Blizzard is going to do with this. Anyway, here's some links: http://www.wowpedia.org/Pandaren_ideas http://www.wowpedia.org/Future_race_ideas#Pandaren
  1. Xythez's Avatar
    This will be the new xpack, we are 2months and a few days from blizzcon , it was time to trademark their next wow expansion. Also i dont understand why ppl think that just because you have Pandaria in the name it will all be about a zone called Pandaria. It will prolly contain other zones and raids that have no big relation to pandarens or pandaria. Just like in Wotlk were you had Ulduar that wasnt about the Lich King so will be the case here, prolly we will face an old god and/or Azshara + many other zones to quest that arent Pandaria. Maybe we will even have some south seas.
    You restrict too much about next expansion thinking it will be just about pandares.
  1. dibidibirek's Avatar
    Burning Crusade: Races
    Wrath of the Lich King: Class
    Cataclysm: Races
    Mists of Pandaria: Class

    Pretty obvious, isn't it?

    Pandaren won't be a playable race and they won't choose a faction. Neutral like Tuskarrs, just more important.
    They'll gonna teach us the new hero class for sure. Monk? Brewmaster? can't imagine anything else... maybe Runemaster.

    Main villian will probably be Azshara, maybe she's invading Pandaria and they call for help, otherwise they would all die. So Naga and "Mists" probably involves Kvaldir (WotLk) - Mist guys - too. Or maybe there lies an old god beneath Pandaria. (Probably not N'zoth, but another)

    And hopefully there will be all the missing isles (Kul'Tiras, Kezan, Zandalar, Tel'abim and much more). Maybe Kul'Tiras as Alliance Base and Kezan as Horde Base, although it could be possible that we're getting a BIG neutral city in Pandaria. Who knows.
  1. Daetur's Avatar
    i am so excited
  1. Tigercat's Avatar
    Well there goes the neighborhood.

    Seriously, pandaren? A joke race made into the center of a possible expansion? Fuckin straws, man, blizzard is a-graspin at em.
  1. fangless's Avatar
    facebook game imo
  1. kassy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dibidibirek View Post
    although it could be possible that we're getting a BIG neutral city in Pandaria. Who knows.
    safe to say they wont do neutral cities again after lagrath and lagaran
  1. mystik's Avatar
    pandaren are about the only thing that might make me play wow again
  1. Avin1973's Avatar
    I smell fish... Blizz toying us?
  1. Slavemaker's Avatar
    Possibilities if the expansion:
    --Pandaren as a playable race.
    --Monk class, healer as one spec etc.
    --Pandaren not playable.
    --Brewmaster as an alternate to the monk class... (just a guess).
    --Addition of character slot(s).
    --Rework the old races/models including warlock pets, old mounts etc.
    --Chance of this not being a "greater threat" and more of an expedition to the Pandaren home land Pandaria.
    -As in no lich king, no kil'jaeden etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Narshe View Post
    It would make more sense for a Warcraft game. WoW expansions havent been named after a races homeland yet, and if they were going for another new race, you would assume there would be two of them again and naming the game after only one of the races doesnt make sense.

    Unless they revolve a whole expansion around Panderans as a neutral race and players go to their homeland to fight evil.
    Not a specific race no but Outland is the homeland of the Draenei and the Orcs, Draenor.
  1. Harin's Avatar
    looking forward to how this could affect WoW.
  1. Anjerith's Avatar
    Probably an attempt to mislead as we near Blizzcon.
  1. Gradywhite's Avatar
    /quitting now.
  1. Kelathos's Avatar
    One word: Brewmaster. Healing, Ranged, Melee specs like a Shaman. His weapons are drinks. Hey Blizzard, make it so!
  1. Hennek's Avatar
    pandas are soooo cute and fluffy!!! i want panda pet ingame but its not possible for me to get :'( would be sweet next expansion would have panda forest and such
  1. konikitty's Avatar
    Just saying, I've played WoW for 6 years, and if "mists of pandaria" is truly an entire fucking expansion centered around the stupid joke panda race, that will be the straw to break the camel's back and the day I finally put WoW to rest.
  1. Ganglati's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by StormVex View Post
    New class Monk then?
    That's what I'm hoping. I was just thinking a great new Hero class would be a Monk-esque character, with a DW/unarmed tree (lore-wise would prefer they only use fist weapons, but that's such a small arsenal of loot drops...), 2H tree (polearms and staves, and ACTUALLY USE THEM unlike druids and hunters), and a healing tree.
  1. Sethketa's Avatar
    So sad Blizzard has done their best to alienate their customers. Not interested in Blizzard products anymore. >:|

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