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Alcaz Island Scenario
As always, this is an early version of the area, previewed through unofficial means. This is absolutely not representative of the final version, it's just a preview.

Premade Monks Now Active
With tonight's beta invite wave premade monks are active once again!

WoWDB Pet Pages
Work continues at a steady pace on WoWDB, with the addition of more information for Pets. We now have dedicated pages for all of the Battle Pets and a list of all of the Battle Pet abilities.

Important - The Pet List only lists the companion pets fully implemented in the game files, we'll have to wait for future beta patches to get data on all the other pets. However, there's already a lot of Pet Abilities implemented, check them out!

The pages for individual abilities will show you which pets the attack is strong against, and which pets the attack is weak against. Each pet's page will show you which other pets it is resistant against and which pets it is most vulnerable to. We will continue to add features as the system is fully implemented in the beta.

We're starting to have a lot of background work done on WoWDB and you can expect more visible updates very soon (Including filters and anything to make browsing less painful). We also have a few surprises coming this week if everything goes really well.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
SM and Scholomance Armor Models
We discussed this topic with the developers last week a bit. I don't have any conclusive information for you, but they recognize there are a lot of cool items in SM and Scholomance, and they want to try and preserve those in Mists. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

PvP in Mists of Pandaria: 3v3 Arena
I have already commented in your Arena system needs to evolve thread and it was a very good read, so I will move onto your other points. About the “Roller Coaster” feel that you commented on, there will always be nerfs and buffs and that is because we want to achieve the best balance possible among the classes. However, we do our utmost to limit actual spell/ability changes that effect rotations to expansions only, and that is only if we feel it will greatly improve the class.

The new talent system should make constant changes less necessary too, especially with regard to forced respecs since the talents are now more utility-based. In my own personal opinion about changing classes because of a nerf, I feel that I will play what I enjoy the most and right now, as it has been in the past is my warrior. But because in some parts of arena he may struggle does not make me want to play it less.

Your portion about instant CC, healing and damage is very well structured and thought out, the same goes for your comments on self-healing and blanket silences. This is a great thread Rasen, that we can see you have dedicated a lot of time to writing and we hope to see more excellent feedback like this coming from everyone on the forums. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

New J!NX Shirts - Darth Hater
J!NX has finally released their line of Curse brand T-shirts, including two Darth Hater shirts. They include a black basic men's tee and a gray premium tee. Using the code "CURSEGEAR" at checkout will get customers 20% off any Curse J!NX products.

If you want the discount you'll have to hurry as the deal ends 4/8/12. If you prefer MMO-Champion shirts, both the premium and basic shirts are still available.

Trading Card Game Art Gallery Update
The Trading Card game art gallery has been updated with ten new pieces.

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  1. moveth's Avatar
    I finally got my beta and the premade monks are quite nice so far.
  1. Aloodanis's Avatar
    Cant wait for Alcaz Island or really any scenario.
  1. Exxactly's Avatar
    This is interesting glad to see this.
  1. Rebzz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    I finally got my beta and the premade monks are quite nice so far.
    Got my beta but every time i go to make a monk it crashes lol
  1. bals's Avatar
    in the picture with the dinosaur...
    is the dwarf going for his nether regions? >.>
  1. Ickabob's Avatar
    Twilight's Hammer lookin stuff on Alcaz? Could THIS be the real reason Theramore gets destroyed? It would make sense, considering how close it is to Theramore. Hmmmm.....
  1. pa1kia's Avatar
    Looks like some leftover Twilight cultists might've gotten to Alcaz.
  1. posessor's Avatar
    where is this located?
  1. TheLimonTree's Avatar
    :< i used all my premades already because I didn't know monks would be available later :<
  1. Migari's Avatar
    Hm, says I'm not eligible to copy any more characters but I'm sure I had 2 copies left. :|
  1. rudeboi's Avatar

    amazing stuff.. wish i had the skill to do that :O
  1. Chillerbill's Avatar
    For god's sake! Finally, I can get myself a pre-made shiny monk... but I've already used all the character copies.. Damn you!
  1. Upptagen's Avatar
    The video reminds me of some good old vanillia days.. Looks very similiar to a quest place, can't really remember what quest since I was just helping my guild mate out but I still gives me the feel!
  1. lios's Avatar
    YES, premade monk! I've leveled mine to 22 so far, but it will be nice to try out a level 85.
  1. iblok's Avatar
    Buggery, looks like all the premade character names for horde start with just only one letter (Hpaladin) and not with two like the alliance premade names (Alpaladin), that just killed all the Homonks.
  1. SinR's Avatar
    meh @ Premades. I make my own premade characters On that note, Alcaz looks like it'd be a very cool 5man heroic
  1. Yunru's Avatar
    Alcaz Island change is bad for me as a farmer there. Its a good source of rare transmog sets and with its destruction i will have to farm AQ 20 and bears in winterspring again
  1. Garretdejiko's Avatar
    Watch Alcaz video while listening http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae5XwkSguNI

    dun dun dun
  1. Zaelyn's Avatar
    That is bull crap, there was no premade monk option when I got my invite... and now I have no premade transfers available.
  1. reve's Avatar
    I am not in beta but I wintessed the mess a couple of days ago on friends account. Is Blizzard increasing the number of realms with these invites too? I mean it went 1st wave, which was OK, then suddenly two waves, 100k each and it totally killed the realms. And now they add 2.5 times the last wave on top of all that? I mean not even the tactic "play in 4am so it's not that crowded" will work anymore.

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